• Should You Include the Job on Your Resume if You Were Fired?

    May 03, 2007 by

    Martin writes, “I was fired from my last job, which I held for over six months. The HR director would probably say I was fired if employers were checking my history. Should I just omit the job from my resume? This is my second job out of college.”

    Kim’s Answer: I’m sorry for your recent job circumstances, and I hope that your next position is a great opportunity for you. I wouldn’t omit your last job because it’s possible that they would say you were fired. Be ready to explain what happened in an interview, keeping the explanation as positive as possible. Check out Ryck’s post at the Monster Blog on how to explain getting fired.
    If this is only your second job, keep in mind that it’s common for people in their early career to switch jobs. Some employers like to source candidates with several years of work experience because they’re more likely to know what would be a good fit. It will be important for you to do a lot of research on your target job and target employer so that you are more likely to find a position that works for you.
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    Kim Isaacs
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