What Do a Paralegal, a Funeral Director and a Zoo Director Have in Common?

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You can access a bunch of useful tools in your search for entry-level biology jobs using a website through the California State University’s career planning and placement office for those interested in biology careers. You can start on the main search site where the biology search tools are listed and from there, click on the bio online career center. This part of the site will provide you with all your entry-level biology job search needs and then some!
If you are not quite sure exactly where you fit but did major in biological sciences there is a great document entitled: “What Can I Do With A Major in Biological Sciences?” The list goes on for about 11 pages or so and lists possible biology job opportunities with a mini job description attached. You don’t have to be a teacher or a scientist to find a career in biology. You can be a botanist, a food technologist, even a landscape architect. The jobs listed are quite diverse and yet all have a biology-like feel. To be honest, for those of you searching for those entry-level biology jobs and want to take a path less traveled take a hint from this document. You can search jobs and develop them into something a biologist-lover like you would love. I mean I love the idea! So have fun, learn new things and find that entry-level biology job!!
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