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Legal Entry-Level Employment

My top two favorites for the legal job search is and a site called the Legal Employment Search Site (seriously) and it has a long list of sites that only deal with legal employment (of course), more general sites such as and other “odds and ends.” I have to say it is work looking into if you want an entry-level legal job. I like as well because it is a bit easier to navigate as it lists legal jobs by category. It’s useful if you know exactly what you would like to do in the legal field, and if you have no idea what type of legal experience you want to have. It does not provide a definition for what each job category entails, if you happen to be someone who is a bit uncertain. Lucky for you, great tools like love to provide inquisitive people, such as yourself, with definitions and examples of all sort of things—even legal jobs. So look up one of those terms, or all of them, and then start the job search. There are additional legal resources available at yahoohotjobs as well so take advantage of everything there; you’ll thank yourself later.
Of course, below, I list other entry-level legal job sites as I am a fan of variety and all look promising. There are all types of legal support available to you out there, so what are you waiting for? Have fun, learn new things and find that entry-level legal job!!
My Favorites:
Other Resources:

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