Sample Resume for Pharmaceutical Sales Professional

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Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, where eight years of training and experience in health care and sales will contribute. Personable, persuasive and highly motivated.

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* Four years of health-care experience as nursing assistant. Able to establish rapport and build trust with physicians and other medical professionals.
* Natural sales ability. Consistently ranked in top 5 of 20 telemarketing reps for sales production. Learn new sales techniques and systems quickly. Skilled at cold calls.
* Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science. Courses included medical terminology, anatomy, virology and chemistry. Prior study in pre-med and nursing (three years).
* Work well under pressure. As certified First Responder, assessed and treated patients with life-threatening injuries before arrival of 911 personnel.
BS: Mortuary Science, University of Anywhere, USA (1998).
Budgeted time and resources to work full-time, financing all living expenses.
Pre-Med and Nursing course work: ABC State Univ., Anywhere, USA (three years).
Telemarketing Rep: Any company, Anywhere, USA (1997-1998).
Sold savings and checking accounts, loans and lines of credit for First Bank.
* Given merit-based pay raises for my sales results.
* Supervisors cited my sales skills, output and ability to learn quickly.
Nursing Assistant: DEF Hospice, Anywhere, USA (1991-1994).
Worked closely with nurses, dietary staff and physicians to care for residents.
* Made and received reports on residents’ medical conditions. Assisted residents with Alzheimer’s and other debilitating ailments. Skilled at finding and filling needs of residents and family members under challenging conditions.
* Supervisors cited my attitude, work quality and ability to work as part of a team.
Certified First Responder: Anywhere, USA (three years).
Volunteered to respond to accidents, heart attacks and other emergencies.
* Required highest-level problem solving skills. Accurately assessed and treated patients with life-threatening conditions.
* Formerly certified as Nursing Assistant. Also certified as First Responder (included CPR, injury assessment and other skills).
* Computer skills include Excel, WordPerfect and Internet navigation.
* Lifelong interest in sales; sold 971% of quota for student organization.

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