Sample Resume for Metals Industry Position

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Fifteen years of achievement in purchasing, management and supplier
relations. Thorough understanding of the metals industry. Three decades
of manufacturing, production/inventory control and shipping experience.
Well-known and respected among industry suppliers, with extensive contacts.

* Purchasing: A 15-year reputation as a tough negotiator, committed to
doing a superior job for my company. Skilled at reducing costs that
translate into increased sales.
* Management: A team player, able to bring out the best in employees
under my supervision. Experienced at building profits by building staff
* Supplier Relations: Able to broker win-win partnerships with suppliers
that foster trust and create long-term profits for all.
Vice-President, Manufacturing:
Negotiated with suppliers to secure discounts
and reduce pricing on all materials. This reduced costs while increasing
manufacturing efficiency. My efforts brought a competitive edge
to the company. Managed 80 employees while supervising the coil coating
line, product/inventory control, manufacturing and shipping. After
remaining flat for nearly 37 years, sales grew 490 percent as a result of
my cost-control and management skills.
(ABC Products, Anywhere, USA 1983-1996)
Production/Inventory Control Manager:
Hired to design and install new
manufacturing systems. Documented systems and procedures to increase
efficiency. Supervised 45 direct-labor employees, improved management/union
relations and reduced payroll. Structured material bills for computerized
M.R.P. and costing system. Supervisor said: “ABC simply would not have
progressed as it did without his superior and dedicated performance.”
(ABC Manufacturing, Anywhere, USA, 1980-1982)
Production/Inventory Control Supervisor:
For production, developed master
schedule for product lines and introduced capacity planning. Improved use
of manpower to meet schedules. For inventory control, my A.B.C. analysis
brought substantial inventory reduction and eliminated expensive shortages.
This improved inventory system increased efficiency for our suppliers.
(ABC Instruments, Anywhere, USA, 1977-1980)
Production Control Manager:
Responsible for computerized machine loading
system, customer service, inventory control and shipping for this company
in the fastener and cold-formed parts industry.
(ABC Products, Anywhere, USA, 1976-1977)
Production Planner:
Hired as a production machinist, promoted three times
for my work for this manufacturer of precision electro-products for medical,
industrial, environmental and scientific applications.
(ABC Instruments, Anywhere, USA, 1969-1976)
Took full advantage of the chance to learn all phases of the
machinist trade. Became efficient at setting up and operating lathes, mills,
drills, automatic screw machines and centerless grinders.
(ABC Products, Anywhere, USA, 1965-1969)
Methods Improvement in Manufacturing Organizations
University of any state, Anywhere, USA, 1979.
Associate of Arts: Business Administration
ABC College, Anywhere, USA, 1976.
Management and Law course work
ABC College, Anywhere, USA, 1971.
Hobbies include golf, investing, boating and softball.

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