Turn Around Slowly and Assume the Search for Entry-Level Law Enforcement Jobs (in New Jersey)

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A job in law enforcement is not for the ill at heart, and now that I’ve decided you are not (humor me)…let’s find you a nice entry-level law enforcement job—in the New Jersey area no less.
Start with the New Jersey Department of Personnel (NJDOP) and you will find that every entry-level law enforcement job seeker must apply for, and pass, the Law Enforcement Exam (LEE). There is also a training course offered to prepare for this examination (LEEP—the P is for “preparation”).
Okay, once all you entry-level law enforcement people are qualified, start looking at sites specifically tailored for the New Jersey area. I suggest flipdog.com, which has a list of jobs and career resources (provided by monster.com) and all those other nice job helping tools. If you decided that New Jersey is not where you want to be, well, other cities are listed there too, just for your convenience. You can also check out smarthunt.com to see what turns up there.
To keep up with all your law-enforcement news and events go to NJLawman.com, which provides news and headlines for the New Jersey area, as well as links leading to the LEE and LEEP as well. It’s a plethora of law enforcement fun. Check out the links and enforce the law!
Smart Hunt:

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