Viva Spain and Entry-Level Job Opportunities!

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España is definitely one of my loves and if you have the good fortune to make it there and live and work there, well, then, you’re doing all right. Anyway, I suggest looking at the article I wrote before entitled “Job Seekers: Entry-level International Jobs Are Available!!” as there are good links there such as I did a simple Spain search for managers and came up with at least 11 entry-level jobs in Spain. It’s a nice place to start.
I also found this other site that also has some promising information on entry-level jobs in Spain. This site is specifically tailored to entry-level jobs in Spain unlike some sites that list a lot of jobs and you find a few that you actually qualify for. The only “bad” side is that to access the entire site you have to pay a fee of about $25 for the year, $12 for four months, and $7 for one month and then you will be able to create an “iwork premium” profile. I know I always shied away from job search sites where I had to pay money for their services or either I just forced myself to be content with the free services. There’s also that offers free and not-so-free services. To be honest, with that site the not-so-free services are pretty inadequate but you can be the judge.
Again look at my previous posting to find more general international information on entry-level jobs and just specify Spain. Good luck.

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