• Don’t underestimate the importance of former employers

    August 08, 2006 by

    I spent a lot of time looking for a full time job, most of that time I occupied at a part time job that I really loved. However, after months of feeling underappreciated I had to give up my position to pursue full time employment. This was a heartwrenching time, as the job market was tough and every job I interviewed for seem to have another candidate that was more qualifed.
    After some time searching for the new wonderful job opportunity waiting for me I was beginning to get impatient. That’s when the old job started calling again.
    I went on again, temporarily at first. My second day back on the job they were already giving me my full time dream job.
    I thought a lot about my background, and how well I did at that job and thought that those references would help land me a job. After a while though, I thought, “No employer will ever know that I’m such a good employee! How can I show them?”
    As it turned out, I was such a good employee, I didn’t have to show anyone, in fact I already did. In the end I got my dream job… at least for now.

    provides background checks to
    employers worldwide.

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