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Home again, home again!

I’m back from my international study at Oxford University. What can I say of the experience? It opened my eyes to possibilities. Yes, even for someone who isn’t young. I am a nontraditional, older student, married with three children. I have been trying for over a decade to finish my education! Although I missed my children terribly, I do not regret the experience in any way. In some ways, I rediscovered myself–perhaps the temporary detachment from my spouse allowed me to remember who I am as an individual–and the possibilities my future holds. I also believe the experience allowed me to view life as more than simply my version of the American-centric dream. I heard many different accents and languages, and even heard accented words at 1 A.M. that would make my mother blush. I learned alot about another culture and space in time. And I am truly thankful. For those who read my post, I wish for you the experience of international study–in more ways than one, it is the experience of a lifetime–and it will change you forever.

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