• Another New Trend in Staffing Agencies

    July 31, 2006 by

    Another new trend that you may not be aware of with staffing agencies is that they now offer their own benefits packages. I imagine people aren’t getting those temp-to-perm assignments as much as they did in the past. Or maybe there are more people who simply like the variety of working as temps. Whatever the reason, I am glad.
    I can work as a temp and still have medical and dental coverage until I find permanent placement somewhere. I don’t know how good the coverage is because I have not, yet, had occasion to use it. I am inclined to think that it is on a par with most other places these days. Still, even lousy insurance is better than no insurance at all.

  • CollegeRecruiter.com Partnership With Wetjello Transforms Job Postings from Text-only to Multimedia (July 31, 2006 Press Release)



    Minneapolis, Minnesota — July 31, 2006 — CollegeRecruiter.com’s strategic partnership with RecruiTV will allow employers to transform their text-only job posting ads on CollegeRecruiter.com and the 15,000 niche career sites in its network into multimedia recruitment ads that will allow entry level job seekers to read about job openings but also to learn about the employer, its employees, and its culture through the sights and sounds made possible through video.

    “One of the welcome challenges of working with Gen Y candidates is that their technical skills, knowledge, and expectations surpass those of any other age group,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of CollegeRecruiter.com, the highest traffic career site used by job hunting students and recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them. “The students and recent graduates who use our site understand that they should choose an employment opportunity based upon their competencies, interests, and values. Traditional text-only job postings are almost always written by the employer with only the needs and wants of the employer stated. These requirements and job duties may allow candidates to determine if the position lines up with their competencies but almost never allow candidates to determine if the position also lines up with their interests and values. Video does that because it forces and enables employers to showcase important factors such as their place of work, the team members with whom the candidates will work, and the culture of the organization. While some employers are starting to add recruitment videos to their own web sites, virtually none have been able to add those same videos to their job posting ads on career sites such as CollegeRecruiter.com because the process was so difficult and the cost so high. Until now. RecruiTV makes it easy, fast, and inexpensive. We’re thrilled to be working with them.”

    “We’re excited to provide a leading technology and video community platform for CollegeRecruiter.com employers and its community of students and college graduates. The use and creation of on-line video has arrived with broadband technology and the widespread use of video in the marketplace today. Candidates and employers benefit tremendously from the use of recruitment videos because they bring a more personal element to the recruiting lifecycle”, said Peter J. Altieri, Chief Executive Officer of RecruiTV by Wetjello.

    Although the partnership between CollegeRecruiter.com and Wetjello was just implemented, three leading employers of college students and recent graduates have already upgraded their job postings on the CollegeRecruiter.com by adding video: Central Intelligence Agency, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and RadioShack.

    About Wetjello/RecruiTV

    Wetjello/RecruiTV is empowering employers and candidates to utilize video as a key component in the on-line recruitment process. Wetjello/RecruiTV develops and provides state-of-the-art online video recruitment solutions and services. The company is privately owned and based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. More information about Wetjello/RecruiTV is available at http://www.wetjello.com/AboutUs.aspx.

    About CollegeRecruiter.com

    CollegeRecruiter.com is the highest traffic career site used by job hunting students and recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them. The CollegeRecruiter.com network of career sites is used by 5,000,000 visitors per month to find part-time positions, summer jobs, internships and career opportunities. CollegeRecruiter.com features tens of thousands of job openings and thousands of pages of employment-related articles and Ask the Experts questions and answers. Further information about CollegeRecruiter.com is available at https://www.collegerecruiter.com/pages/press-room.php.

    Steven Rothberg
    3109 W 50 St Ste 121
    Minneapolis, MN 55410-2102
    Phone: 800-835-4989
    Fax: 702-537-2227

  • Public Relations/Public Affairs Resume


    Government, PR, public relations, marketing, market, communications,
    Seeking a communications position where more than four years of experience
    will contribute. Proven skills in client services, marketing and government.
    * Communications * Articulate, comfortable giving presentations to large
    groups and speaking to the press. Enjoy and excel at establishing rapport.
    * Problem Solving * Proven success finding right solutions for clients by
    organizing and analyzing complex situations.
    * Client Services * Consistently cited by customers for superior service. My
    perseverance and enthusiasm leads to repeat business.
    Sales and Marketing Rep: XYZ Rent-A-Car, Any City, Any State (1996-present).
    Manage and open new accounts with major insurance carriers and car
    dealerships. Do accounting, manage reservation schedule, train new employees
    and handle daily operations for fleet of 300 cars. Promoted after six months on
    job; perfect attendance. Clients note my professionalism, courtesy and
    willingness to go above and beyond. Skilled at resolving customer complaints.
    Sales and Marketing Rep:XYZ Inc., Any City, Any State (1995-1996).
    Sold custom graphics in XYZ territory. Making cold calls,
    worked with clients to identify and fill needs for signage.
    Successfully opened four to six new accounts monthly. Skilled at
    price bids and consultative sales. Ensured repeat business through
    superior service and problem solving.
    Account Manager: XYZ Studios, Any City, Any State (1994).
    Managed 40 accounts while selling licensed sports merchandise to
    stadiums and mass merchants in nine-state region. Opened new
    accounts at Any Fields and Stadiums, etc.
    My cold call skills helped sell up to $20,000 monthly. Excelled by
    making effective presentations and putting buyers at ease, ensuring
    repeat business.
    Operations Director: XYZ for Governor, Any City, Any State (1994).
    Managed 12-40 volunteers daily and during convention. Long hours of work
    organizing and communicating with diverse audiences. Prepped candidate for
    appearances; handled press duties. Praised by candidate for my skills and effort.
    Media/Special Events Coordinator: XYZ for Mayor,
    Any City, Any State (1993).
    Managed up to six volunteers daily. Made frequent cold calls to
    raise funds; coordinated fund-raising events. Wrote effective press
    releases. Sat in on interviews and debates to assist candidate.
    BA: Political Science, University of XYZ, Any City, Any State (1992).
    Communications/PR == 4 yrs exp

  • The Automatic Soldier


    Before you leave for Basic Training you will fill out lots of paperwork. The best piece of advice I could give you is to create your own investment account and savings plan now while you are home. Here is why.

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  • Entry Level Job Seekers Love Jello, Especially if It is Wet


    One of my favorite foods has always been Jello, especially when cut up in squares. Yum. And one of my favorite partners (yes, this is an announcement of a new partnership) is RecruiTV by Wetjello. They’re enabling employers who post jobs to CollegeRecruiter.com to move beyond text only postings to multimedia postings complete with streaming video. Several clients have already gone live. They’re excited. So are we. And I am sure that the candidates will be as well.

  • Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act


    If you’re a reserve component service member called to active duty, you’re protected by a law that can save you some legal problems and possibly some money as well. Under the provisions of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of 1940, you may qualify for any or all of the following:

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  • Free eBook: CAREER SUCCESS RECIPE FOR NEWBIES – The Key Ingredients For Your Career Success (Part 2 of 5)


    Is there a recipe for career success? Well, the answer to that question is both “yes” and “no”. Yes, because there are steps you can take that can increase your chances of success. No, mainly because very often when people start asking questions like that they seek a shortcut rather than the actual hardworking way to success. If you are sincere in getting off to a great start in your career and need to be pointed in the right direction, then this book is for you. It has the career success recipe that you need.
    Career Success Recipe For Newbies is a compilation of 5 articles:
    Part 1. Career Success Recipe – What Do You Want To Cook?
    Part 2. The Key Ingredients For Your Career Success
    Part 3. Planning Your Career Success Dish
    Part 4. Enjoying the Process of Career Success
    Part 5. Pushing for Career Success

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  • Some Employers Provide Even More Support To Soldiers

    July 30, 2006 by

    Being in the Army Reserve requires a time commitment that may take you away from your normal job during Unit Training Assemblies, Field Training Exercises and potential activations. In addition to Federal laws protecting you, there are many employers across the country that understand and support your Army Reserve time commitment and who make company policies specifically beneficial for Soldiers in the Army Reserve.
    These companies make extra efforts to support their Army Reserve employees and go above and beyond the requirements of the law. Some of these efforts include observing pay differential and medical coverage policies for Army Reserve Soldiers called to Active Duty.
    Find Army Reserve-Friendly Companies

  • Office Support Resume

    July 28, 2006 by

    Office support staff to a receptionist or administrative assistant.
    More than 10 years of experience in office clerical work.
    * Excellent skills managing appointments and telephone
    correspondence. Supervisor described my phone skills as
    “helpful and pleasant.”
    * Comfortable speaking before large audiences.
    * Supervisor cited my “enthusiasm and willingness to learn.”
    Familiar with Mac and PC.
    * Detail-oriented, skilled at managing office correspondence,
    meetings, office supplies, payroll, filing and related tasks.
    * Supervisor cited my investigative ability in helping reconcile a
    $6-million inventory shortfall.
    * Frequently praised by supervisors for my help executing major
    company events. In one instance, coordinated last-minute
    binding of materials before a conference; supervisor said: “She
    fixed the nightmare, and she did it with a smile.”
    Customer Service
    * Personable, flexible, able to put people at ease.
    * Supervisor said: “She is conscientious and very responsive to
    her customers’ needs.”
    Office Administration: XYZ Communications, Any City, Any State (1978-1996).
    Worked in various capacities for operator services, human
    resources, network switching, event marketing, and business and
    government services.
    Previous experience includes work as a desk clerk, office clerk and
    telephone operator.
    Diploma: XYZ Senior High School, Any City, Any State
    Liberal Arts course work: XYZ College, Any City, Any State (one year).
    Computer and Typing courses: XYZ Community Technical
    College, Any City, ANy State.
    * Enjoy meeting people. Work well independently or as part of a
    * Studied acting and worked in the theater.
    * Active volunteer, including hospital work and walks for charity.

  • When opportunity hits a road block‚Ķ


    In my last blog, I talked about the amazing offer I received from doing promotional marketing. A week ago today I was comparing air fare, hotel prices and getting ready to head to Las Vegas to work for two weeks in Sin City.
    There was just one hitch in my foolproof plan; I was already booked to work another event in Oregon during the time of the Vegas event. No problem, I thought, I’ll just call my booker and cancel those three days that overlap.
    I was rudely and abrasively confronted by my booker when she told me she wasn’t going to “allow” me to cancel one event to work another one, even though both events are put on by the same company that I work for. No where in my contract did it say that this was against the rules. And, that’s because it isn’t.
    This booker was on an undeniable power trip, an ego rage that kept me from taking on this amazing job opportunity. An opportunity, that would skyrocket my career, put a LOT of money in my pocket, and boost my resume to the nth degree. I was livid.
    Since then, I have taken a step back from this line of work, as I am finding it unreliable, unstable, and inconsistent. Even though the pay can not be matched by any other entry level work, it is not worth the headache and frustration of dealing with bookers that will inevitably screw me over.