Video Job Descriptions

Posted June 29, 2006 by

We’ve been working on this for months so I’m pretty excited to announce that we’re starting to roll out a brand new feature for video job descriptions. Job seekers who want a sneak peak at what it is like to work in a particular job have always been able to job shadow, but it can be difficult to find employers who are willing to allow outsiders to follow an employee around for a day or even part of a day. Now, in just a few minutes, job seekers can get a taste (well, actually see and hear) what it is like to work in a particular field.
We’ll soon have hundreds of these videos available to visitors to and any other site. That’s right, we’re putting these in the public domain so college career service offices and any other web site will be able to run these videos on their sites at no charge. The first video is about Advertising and Promotions Managers:

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