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Research & Development Resume

Highly accomplished R&D Director with extensive
Fortune 500 technical and business development
experience. Skilled in identifying winning and
losing projects in early phases of development.
XYZ director, manager, technical director,
research, technology, engineering, technical
service, business development, manufacturing,
product development, process development,
market analysis, business analysis, strategic
planning, sales, marketing, negotiating,
chemicals, petrochemicals, PhD, chemistry, BA.
Extensive R&D/engineering management background
includes broad technical knowledge/judgment,
ability to drive bottom-line performance in
developing products/processes and
Strong business development expertise includes
business acumen that brings focus to strategic
areas, market/business analysis, strategic
planning, sales and negotiating.
Created $150 million+ in new revenue while
saving more than $100 million; promoted nine
times and received numerous awards/patents
during career with XYZ Corp. (1979-2000).
Exceptional leadership skills. Experienced
building world-class teams of 120+
professionals, establishing vision, setting
goals, communicating, motivating, empowering
and developing people.
Manager said: “As a leader, he is the best.
He has a vision of the future and a clear
strategy to get there. He inspires his people
to achieve that vision. He uses all of his
skills in managing the business and gets
Senior Technical Advisor, XYZ Corp., Any City, Any State 2003-present
Provide technical sales and sales force support
for $70-million specialty chemicals business.
Created $3 million in new annual revenue by
turning around failing friction modifier
Increased revenues $7 million annually by
developing new opportunity in fuel additives.
Developed strong relationships with top
technical people at key clients.
President, XYZ Laser Marking,
Any City, Any State 2001-2002
Completed working sabbatical while creating
Internet business based on unique products.
Produced proof of concept by generating $50,000
in first full year with effective marketing
Research Director – XYZ Assets, XYZ
Technology Company, Any City, Any State 1998-2000
Hand-picked to direct, engineering and
technical service for $3-billion petrochemicals
business, including technical support of 75
plants worldwide.
Brought focus to department and created high-
performance manufacturing support teams.
Saved $39 million in annual manufacturing costs
by introducing several new petrochemical
processes, process models and advanced control
Technology Director, XYZ Chemical Company,
Any CIty, Any State 1993-1997
Directed R&D, technical service and product
stewardship for $600-million specialty
chemicals business.
Grew income from $34 million to $100 million
and directed development of 50+ new products.
Led multi-functional business team responsible
for $200-million poly alpha-olefin business.
Grew sales 15% annually by driving industry
acceptance of PAO derived from mixed olefins
and despite strong competition from new market
entrants and major raw material supply
Manager, Strategic Planning & Financial
Analysis, XYZ Chemical Company, Any City, ANy State 1992
Led strategic and financial planning group.
Analyzed markets/economics associated with new
Saved $40-million investment by analyzing
market, showing that previous analyses were
flawed and convincing Executive Committee to
stop construction of plant to make new chemical
Led development of flagship product line after
recognizing potential for abandoned technology
and convincing leadership team to produce new
family of synthetic base stocks.
Promoted to Technology Director as result of
ability to identify potential winning and
losing projects.
Manager-Business Development, XYZ Research &
Engineering, Any CIty, Any State 1986-1991
Appointed to newly created position to develop
Mobil’s licensing business. Created business
model for licensing technology. Developed
business and marketing plans.
Grew licensing and catalyst sales income from
$40 million to $110 million annually.
Identified 10+ major opportunities, negotiated
licensing deals and initiated joint ventures to
complement internal skills and technology.
Manufacturing Manager, XYZ Solar Energy
Corporation, Any CIty, Any State 1983-1985
Established solar cell manufacturing line and
consolidated gains made in research.
As Manager, XYZ Growth Operations, turned
around group that was cornerstone of business.
Developed teamwork/established goals to
challenge operators of photovoltaic production
facility (1984).
Increased productivity two-fold in one year.
Eliminated costly purification and raw
materials inspection, shifting responsibility
to suppliers.
As Head of XYZ Planning, developed
business/marketing plans and presented them to
Executive Committee. Convinced leadership team
to change strategic direction (1983).
Group Leader, XYZ Synthesis, XYZ
Research Lab, Any CIty, Any State 1979-1982
Led catalyst research program to develop
innovative new catalysts and manufacturing
Catapulted company to lead position in critical
new area by negotiating research agreement with
University of Illinois. Won $75-million patent
infringement suit in part based on this work.
Awarded 13 US and foreign patents.
Promoted from Research Chemist position within
first year (1980).
PhD, Chemistry, University of XYZ,
Any CIty, ANy STate 1979
Discovered often-cited family of metal cluster
compounds in dynamic equilibrium that provided
unique model of hydrocarbon transformations on
metal surfaces. Authored six publications.
BA, Chemistry, cum laude, The College of
XYZ, Any City, ANy State 1975
Received departmental honors
Prize, XYZ Award, American Institute of
Chemists Award and XYZ Xi International
Scientific and Engineering Honor Society.

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