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Let me clear a few things up:
In regards to my two interviews awhile back—
Neither of them has ended happily. The job opening that I had an actual interview for…they went with someone else. Someone who wouldn’t need to relocate. And the meeting I had through a referral? I sent a follow up email about a week ago, and I have yet to hear back.
Secondly—my current situation with my boss.
In the comments I have received on my previous entries where I’ve mentioned him, it was suggested to me that I be honest with him, and that we try to work towards a better environment.
Let me put it this way: there is no way to turn this car around. It is going too fast, heading for a cliff, and when it drives off, it will fall to the bottom and explode.
My boss is the kind of man who seems to start arguments for fun with the other people who work there. He’s the kind of guy who sees nothing wrong with taking a half day of work so he can go play golf, and then doesn’t come in at all the next day because he’s too hung over. He’s the type of person who cannot articulate himself, so when he gets frustrated with his own shortcomings, he becomes condescending.
Bottom line—there is no talking to him to try and make a better work environment. He wouldn’t even know what a healthy workplace is like.
Finally—where do we go from here?
First and foremost, I’m using my B.A. in theatre everyday, playing the role of someone who likes their job and sees value in what they do.
And there may be a light.
My girlfriend has the prospect of getting a job in the office where she is currently a student worker. If this comes through, I’m leaving town, whether I have a job to go to or not. I’m getting tired of being turned down for jobs I’m applying for just because I’d have to relocate. And I’m so tired of living in this city and my situation at work. It’s time for me to move on. The idea of not having another job lined up is a little frightening—maybe more to my mother than to myself. But in all honesty, anyone can pick up a part time job at Target. And after the year I’ve had, wearing a red polo shirt and stocking shelves doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea.

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