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All I could think about when I was walking up to get my diploma was that I hope that I don’t fall. I was wearing heels and the spaces between the stairs looked like a disaster waiting to happen. As I approached the stairway, an elder gentleman passed me a postcard and said “Congratulations! Now you are one of us.” “One of us?” I thought. I didn’t even glance down to look at what he handed me. I was too focused on the shoes and those stairs. But once I got back to my seat, I examined the small postcard. It was an Alumni button and card inviting me to join my University’s alumni association. I had to admit that that was the last thing that I had on my mind. The postcard ended up somewhere in my desk at home and I thought nothing more about it.
The next following months were spent with my eyes glued to a computer stalking new job opportunities. If it had nothing to do with a job I was not interested. So you can guess my reaction every time the Alumni association sent me an email, a letter or anything about joining. I just was not interested. Then suddenly another organization in which I belonged decided that it would be in our best interests if our fledgling organization could get recognized by the University’s Alumni Association. I laughed to myself, reflecting all the times I dodged the opportunity. The first step was for us all to individually join the Alumni Association. After that was accomplished, we devised a presentation describing the positives of forging a relationship with them. We promised new membership, cultural diversity and volunteerism. We realized that being recognized by them could offer us extra funding which in turn would aid us in our community endeavors.
The Alumni Association was quite taken with us and loved our energy. In addition, the members of the Alumni Association were distinguished men and women, varying in age and expertise. They gave great career advance and offered excellent networks. After that meeting, I felt so stupid. Why hadn’t I joined earlier? I obviously did not realize the great opportunities that arise out of being apart of an alumni association.

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