• U.S. Has Best Job Market for College Grads in Years While France Has Riots Over Its Job Market for College Grads

    March 22, 2006 by

    I’ve been saying for months that the job market for 2006 graduates is the best in years. My statements were based upon anecdotal evidence: conversations with employers and students. I’ve been hearing from them that a sizeable minority of students are receiving multiple job offers in their chosen career fields, a landmark that hasn’t been seen since 2001.
    While I’m grateful to Reuters for empirically confirming what I’ve been seeing, I found to be much more interesting a post at the The Only Republican in San Francisco blog. The post contrasted the excellent job market for college graduates in the U.S. this year with the riots occurring in France over the job prospects their graduates are facing. While our graduates understand that they will likely change careers half a dozen to 10 times during their careers and change employers even more, students in France are going ballistic over proposals that would allow employers to terminate them should they fail to do their jobs. Imagine. Being fired for not producing adequate value for your employer. No wonder France hasn’t been a world power in almost 100 years.

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