• Goals outside of work

    March 31, 2006 by

    When I first get laid off from a seasonal job, it is pretty easy for me to start collecting unemployment. The State has no problems giving unemployment benefits for somebody in my position. They require me to apply for two jobs a week, and put my resume on the State’s employment services website. This is really easy to do, and there is always the slim chance that an employer will call with a good job. During these times, I take great care to use this valuable time accordingly.
    Something should be said for fulfilling goals and dreams outside of work. In my job field, I am laid off for months at a time. There are a few avenues you can head down from here. One, find an unfulfilling menial job and take a step back on your resume. Two, do nothing and sit around not saving any money or doing anything worth while. Three collect unemployment and go on a road trip. Most of the time I opt for the last option. To me, there are times when not having a job is a blessing.
    I have just spent the last couple week’s rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, and Red Rocks National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas, NV. A lot of my goals include some foolish activities such as climbing. Thanks to libraries and wireless internet connections, I can apply for jobs, and check in with the unemployment office while on the road. I can even do a touch tone dialing option to file for my weekly unemployment bank deposit. I have done this while hiking towards cliff faces.
    Last week while walking toward the cliff faces west of Las Vegas, I was cornered by a job offer and accepted. I will be moving to Colorado next month for another 6 month job. I urge everyone out there who is out of work to focus on non-work related goals. You are only (whatever your age is) once.

  • Marketing Management Resume Sample


    Marketing Management Resume Sample: The resume depicted here is for a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. By her resume, you can tell she delivers results. It is clear how a company will benefit from hiring her to become part of the executive management team in the marketing department.
    Experienced marketing management professional with more than 10 years of award-winning results in multiple sectors. Increased sales from zero to $26 million in two years in latest position
    Strong management background includes strategic planning, alliancebuilding and staff development, with experience directing budgets up to $4.2 million and teams of up to 156 professionals.
    Extensive marketing experience in new market/product development,direct marketing, branding and affinity marketing, in manufacturing, financial services and non-profit sectors.
    Delivered $26 million in new revenue and 14% growth in market share as Director of Marketing (2002-2004). Produced $120 million in new revenue as VP/CMO (1999-2001).
    Superior communication skills. Experienced handling crisis and marketing communications in media relations roles. Presented to boards, government leaders and other high-level decision makers.
    Senior Vice President said: “Any Name is very simply the best marketing/communications executive with whom I have been associated in my 20+ years in the communications field.” (2004)
    Brand Communication and Development, vice president, VP, branding,
    marketing communications, mar/com, marcom, marcomm, Director of
    Marketing, Marketing Director, Business Development, Strategic
    Alliances, alliance building Market Development, Brand Manager,
    management, strategic planning, staff development, budgets,
    budgeting, new market development, new product development, direct
    marketing, affinity marketing, manufacturing, financial services,
    Director of Marketing:XYZ Surfaces,Any City, Any State (2002-2004).
    Developed strategies to drive sales of quartz counter tops nationwide. Served on top management team, reporting to GM.
    Enabled growth from 36 to 312 employees. Managed three staff and $4.2-million budget.
    Produced $26 million in revenue, growing start-up manufacturer into highly profitable firm, with 14% market share and recognized brand. Planned and led all marketing (Internet and traditional).
    Developed brand identity and strategic plan to aggressively launch quartz product line into residential and commercial markets. Grew quartz from 13% to 39% share of product segment.
    Increased sales 25% in one year by rolling out new products and colors (2003-2004).
    Rapidly achieved profitability in core cities of Any City, ABC City and XYZ City in two years.
    Planned and bought all media in 32 markets. Secured national spokespersons such as Any Name1, Any Name2 and Any Name3. Grew network of certified fabricators from three to 78 nationwide.
    Managed in-house agency handling all design, layout and production of collateral, print advertisements, product displays and trade show booths. Also initiated and led Web site development.
    XYZ Financial Services, Any City, Any State 1993-2001
    This 302-employee firm ranks in top 70 among 11, 201 credit unionsin America. Highlights of tenure:
    Played key role in more than doubling assets and nearly tripling net income during tenure.
    Grew assets from $380 million to $820 million and net income from $5.2 million to $13.3 million
    Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
    Served on executive team developing long-term business strategy. Directed Marketing, Research, Communications, Business Development,Public and Legislative Affairs Divisions.
    Oversaw e-business strategy and strategic brand management, as well as development of data warehouse and CRM strategy. Managed and developed seven direct reports, with $1.2-million budget.
    Increased revenue/assets by $120 million with effective marketing strategies.
    Planned and led marketing for two wholly owned subsidiaries:
    Members Investment Services and Hirman Insurors, involving commercial and retail insurance lines. Worked with GMs of each subsidiary.
    Transitioned sales force from “order takers” to “rainmakers” in newly established retail environment, successfully advancing new strategy. Also led new customer relationship management (CRM)
    Continually exceeded 32% response rates with direct marketing program. Managed in-house ad agency of art directors, copywriters, marketing communications and production staff, as well as vendors.
    Won three straight prestigious Golden Mirror Marketing Excellence Awards (eight total during tenure).
    Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
    Managed business-to-business sales and new product development, with staff of six and $800,000 budget.
    Increased revenue/assets by $85 million. Developed strategies to grow overall assets, affiliate companies, members and revenue-producing products per member. Reported to CEO.
    Provided strategic leadership of community involvement, legislative and public affairs. Successfully integrated marketing, business development and sales organization to achieve business plan results.
    Built and led team of branch managers and business development officers to sell throughout Midwestern states. Developed and executed customized promotional strategies to achieve sales success.
    Maintained 98% service quality rating (ensuring long-term profits) and oversaw brand management.
    Vice President of Marketing and Business-to-Business Sales (1996-1998).
    Advanced sales strategy and reorganized corporate resources, for maximum revenue. Served on top management team. Managed 14 business-to-business sales staff and $520,000 budget.
    Increased revenue/assets by $121 million. Sold to executives of high-tech and medical tech companies regionally. Represented organization at business expositions and tradeshows throughout Midwest.
    Played leadership role in effective lobbying efforts at state and federal levels. Leveraged wide network of contacts in XYZ and nationwide.
    Managed sales effectively. Oversaw goal setting and monitoring, training all reporting.

    Marketing Manager (1993-1996).

    Managed efforts of in-house advertising agency. Supervised Art Director, Associate Art Director and Communications Specialist. Managed all vendor relations and $400,000 budget.
    Produced $114 million growth in assets/revenue. Managed marketing communications, advertising and promotions. Wrote, produced and designed direct mail, as well as corporate/product publications.
    Developed company’s first Web site. Also developed and launched home-computer banking product.
    Launched Fair Value Relationship Pricing program. Successfully introduced concept of continuous, overlapping promotions to sales organization.

    Director of Marketing
    : XYZ College, Any City, Any State
    Served on executive team. Developed all marketing strategy and tactics, managing $800,000 budget.
    Led organization from brink of shutdown to current position as thriving university. Significantly increased enrollment by growing non-traditional student population from 2% to 46%.
    Planned and led aggressive marketing strategy to reposition school.
    Directed successful marketing using print, direct mail, radio and community affairs. Served as media spokesperson.
    More than doubled annual donations from alumni and community/corporate leaders.
    Director of Marketing and PR: Executive Council of XYZ Girl Scouts, Any City, Any State (1986-1989).
    Increased membership 23% over 24 months. Enabled 31% increase in cookie sales, despite tampering scare, by managing crisis communications with media and winning support from key corporate leaders.
    Director of Marketing,XYZ Education Unit, XYZ Service America, Any City, Any State (1984-1986).
    Marketed employee assistance programs to such firms as XYZ, ABC and MNO.
    Master of Education: HR Management and Training and Development,
    Univ. of XYZ (1997).
    Bachelor of Arts: Marketing; Child Development and Family Life
    Education (dual major), University of XYZ (1984).

  • New Resume Writing Blog Helps College Grads — Just In Time For Graduation



    Minneapolis, Minnesota (March 31, 2006) — If you’re writing a resume, there is an abundance of resources and information available to help you. In fact, there are so many, it can be downright confusing — every person you ask for advice may tell you something completely different. The one piece of advice that everyone seems to agree on is to pattern your resume after leaders within your field. For this reason, CollegeRecruiter.com, the highest traffic career site for job hunting students and recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them, has created a resume writing blog that will bring help college graduates and others who are victims of resume insanity.

    The new CollegeRecruiter.com Insights by Resume Writing Experts Blog features resume writing experts such as Kevin Donlin of Guaranteed Resumes. The Blog will revolutionize the way college students and recent graduates view their overall online job-hunting experience.

    “It’s difficult for resume writing first timers to know where to start or what to include,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of CollegeRecruiter.com. Before sifting through the more than 250,000 job postings on CollegeRecruiter.com, jobseekers will now be able to review and compare their resumes against those of top professionals across a wide spectrum of industries. In addition, the Blog will also include resume and cover letter writing advice from experts such as Donlin.

    “When you’re searching for a new job, a successful resume is your first hurdle to employment,” said Donlin. “When Steven Rothberg approached me about his idea to create a blog that would combine the advice of resume writers with sample resumes, I welcomed the opportunity to help educate some of the thousands of young minds who are about to enter the workforce.”

    “Even though we’re seeing a bright 2006 for many college students and graduates, it is still a competitive and tight employment market,” said Rothberg. “During these times, standing out from the crowd is challenging — especially for college students and graduates seeking new positions. The way you present yourself and your skills via your resume can either open doors to a better variety of interviews or keep them closed. At CollegeRecruiter.com, we not only try to open doors of opportunity but we also try to act as your guide toward success.”

    Just like its dozens of podcasts, thousands of employment-related articles, hundreds of Ask the Experts questions and answers, and its previously launched award winning blogs, CollegeRecruiter.com will charge no fee for full access to its new CollegeRecruiter.com Insights by Resume Writing Experts Blog.

    About Kevin Donlin:

    Kevin Donlin is President of Guaranteed Resumes LLC. Kevin has written and edited more than 4,273 resumes and cover letters, with a 97% satisfaction rating for over 2,377 clients in all 50 states since 1996. And he’s the only writer in the world who guarantees you’ll get a job using his methods or your money back.

    About CollegeRecruiter.com

    CollegeRecruiter.com is the highest traffic career site used by job-hunting
    students and recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them. Three
    million visitors per month use the CollegeRecruiter.com network of career
    sites to find part-time positions, summer jobs, internships and career
    opportunities. CollegeRecruiter.com features tens of thousands of job
    openings and over 3,500 pages of employment-related articles and Ask the
    Experts questions and answers. Further information about
    CollegeRecruiter.com is available at


    Steven Rothberg
    3109 W 50 St Ste 121
    Minneapolis, MN 55410-2102
    Phone: 800-835-4989
    Fax: 702-537-2227

  • New Resume Writing Blog Helps College Grads — Just In Time For Graduation


    If you’re writing a resume, there is an abundance of resources and information available to help you. In fact, there are so many, it can be downright confusing — every person you ask for advice may tell you something completely different. The one piece of advice that everyone seems to agree on is to pattern your resume after leaders within your field. For this reason, CollegeRecruiter.com, the highest traffic career site for job hunting students and recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them, has created a resume writing blog that will bring help college graduates and others who are victims of resume insanity.
    The new CollegeRecruiter.com Insights by Resume Writing Experts Blog features resume writing experts such as Kevin Donlin of Guaranteed Resumes. The Blog will revolutionize the way college students and recent graduates view their overall online job-hunting experience.

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  • Job Search and other stuff


    Hi, I’m James. I recently graduated in the Fall of 2005 from Temple university In Philadelphia. My degree is in communications, which apparently means very little. I started applying for jobs in October of my final semester. I have no idea how many times I sent my resume out, Probably around 4.6 billion Out of all the jobs I applied for I think I walked away with about four interviews.My first few were complete train wrecks.Besides looking good in a suit I brought very little to the table. I was nervous, tripping over my words, when I got asked “If I had any questions?” I replied “No”. All in All, I had no chance of getting the job but the experiences weren’t a complete waste. After my second or third horrifc interview,I knew it was time dry clean the wrinkles out of my only suit, and get some books or information on how to perform well interviews. Luckily, I was working at a book store that had a real relaxed policy with their employees receiving stuff for free. So, I picked up some books on the top answers for interview questions. After that, I pretty much developed a script of answers for the general questions you get asked in an interview. I was on point. I landed two jobs after that. I know you don’t really learn this in college but studying can really help you do significantly better with things. If you’re struggling with interviews I strongly suggest picking up a book or two to help you out. They can really help you word the information on your resume into something that sounds alot sexier to the potential employer.

  • Another One Bites the Dust

    March 30, 2006 by

    Well my excitement over having a job interview was premature and, after Tuesday, a disappointment. Monday night I made sure to have everything ready; had my suit layed out, my stack of resumes and research on the company printed and filed in my brief/planner, the directions to the office, and a list of questions to ask the interviewer. I went to bed earlier than I normally do, and set 3 alarms to make sure I got up in the morning.
    Next morning, I woke up and took my shower. Got ready, grabbed everything I needed and went out on my way. Half-way there I noticed I had forgotten my cell phone at home, but it was too late to turn around to go get it. I followed the directions to the T, and pulled into an office complex that had the address that was given to me. I went to the suite I was given, and walked in; the receptionist asked if she could help me and I told her I had an interview with so-so. She informed me that I was in the wrong place, and that company doesn’t even have an office in the building. I didn’t have my cell phone with the recruiters phone number to call the recruiter to find out where I went wrong with the directions.
    I walked back out to my car, and decided to see if I could find the office by chance or see if someone else could tell me where it was located. I went to the building next to the previous one that I had just entered and did the same thing. They had no clue where the company was located either. I continued to do the same thing with another building and got the same response. At this point I was 15 minutes late for the interview.
    I drove to the university I attend that was nearby where the interview was to be located, and I hurried and emailed the recruiter to find out what went wrong. I didn’t get a response right away, so I drove home thinking I would call her when I got back. There was a message from the recruiter on my land line and on my cell phone; the interviewer called her to tell her that I didn’t show up. I checked my email and she had responded by then. She told me she was sorry that I got lost. The company couldn’t reschedule me for another interview until next week Wednesday. However, they had 2 other interviews schedule for Friday and they may hire before they could reschedule me.
    Needless to say I was completely and totally disappointed and frustrated. I have never missed an interview in my life, and it frustrates me that this happened. It makes me look bad and incompetent.

  • Job Hunting Skills: Are They Common Sense?


    One of the authors of the CollegeRecruiter.com Insights by Candidates Blog posted an interesting entry earlier today. The author wrote that she applied for a job and received an email from the employer saying that he’d like to meet with her. For those of us who are so far past the point of applying for our first professional position, the natural reaction would be, “great!” But the candidate doesn’t know what to do. Not because she’s dumb, but because she lacks experience. She simply has never experienced this before. While it would be nice to advise her to use her common sense, I don’t believe in common sense. I simply don’t believe that such a thing exists.
    We all are born with certain skills, such as the ability to breath. Those are instincts and not common sense. But everything else that we do, including responding to emails from potential employers, are learned behaviors. This candidate has not yet learned what to do in this situation. As soon as she’s gone through it once, she’ll know it forever. But in the meantime, she doesn’t know how to proceed.
    I wish that more human resource professionals and hiring managers would keep in mind that entry level candidates are, by definition, inexperienced. Not stupid. Not lazy. Just inexperienced. They don’t know what to do and must be trained. And that includes not knowing how to respond to a request by an employer to set up an interview date. Hopefully most employers don’t get too frustrated by the inexperience of these candidates and instead understand that with a little guidance and training, they can and often do turn out to be phenomenal stars.

  • Financing your Dream


    We have now seen the forks of life and decided that going straight is real a possibility. Blazing your own trail is never easy and there are a lot of questions that arise; the main question being “where am I going to get the money to open my own franchise?” This is a large concern to which there is no definite solution, however, when hearing the word franchise our minds right away think $$$, not all franchises that are successful cost millions. There are many successful franchises to be bought for less than $100,000; tailored to the white collar business professional. Educated individuals tend to not be interested in opening a restaurant franchise, but want to use the skills and knowledge they have learned to become a successful entrepreneur and the $100,000 franchise is the answer.
    Once again we come to the ever pressing question “How am I going to franchise my dream?”
    The answers are not simple but they are obtainable with a little leg work. If one is not willing to seek out all their options when looking to open a business they are going to be an ideal candidate to run a profitable franchise. The banks have programs set up for the start up business person that is very affordable in regards to interest, as many are willing to negotiate interest charges or even waive them for a period of time while you get on your feet. Banks are very inclined to loan money to individuals who present a coherent business plan that shows were your money is to be spent and how you foresee paying back your loan.
    Another option includes finding an investment partner who will go into business with you while providing the financial means to support you. This option is becoming more and more common as it doesn’t take just one person to run a business and a partnership is often how successful people get their starts.
    A less popular choice is going back to your loved ones to make a contribution whether it be they co-sign for a loan (be 100% sure) or they loan you the money in order to jump start your career. Once again presenting a thorough business plan will go along way when attempting to borrow money.
    Institutions and those close to you are very willing to help individuals out in life provided there is a plan that will ease the payback period. No bank is going to lend you money if you don’t have a plan, no investor will invest without a guarantee that there is going to be a return on their investment.
    If you are willing to show a concrete business plan and show that you are organized in your business venture you will find obtaining the money to finance your endeavor will not be that hard and you can then move onto building your business and start profiting.
    One thing that is extremely important when looking at a franchise is matching your skills with those required from a franchisor.
    Next Week: Matching your skill set and finding the perfect business.

  • Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed….etc.

    March 29, 2006 by

    Whew! I’m tired and contrary to popular belief I am not a work, work, work kinda person. Actually, I am pretty lazy if I don’t keep myself motivated. I am all about self motivation and I don’t believe in fate or luck. If you want something you have to work hard for it. I want to succeed so therefore I practice my craft with a passion. I love all of my internships(all four of them!!) to death, but it’s the “real” work I can’t stand.
    I tried to call my boss and conpromise by just taking the 8th of April off, but still it was a no. I have always been on time, come in on my off days sometimes, but no appreciation. I have worked for 5 major corporations and it seems as if it is always about the bottom line. It isn’t my fault that we hired 4 people within the past 2 months and only 2 are left. All of them had the same complaint, management. We are understaffed and overworked because our shift can’t keep people. We had 2 senior people move to different shifts because they couldn’t stand how things were run on our shift. Then I learn today that my supervisor cannot fire me without writing me up first for my absences, so why does she feel the need to issue baseless threats?? Beats me, I do know that her supervisor constantly chews her out because she is always late, she doesn’t keep us informed, and we ask her repeatedly for our stats and she says she will get back to us. I have never worked in all my years at such a hostile place where all of my co-workers seems so very unhappy, but what can we do? I know one thing, I am outta there. I told my boss that this will be my last week.
    It’s a part-time job, but i have to admitt I am a worrier. I worry about everything and I am a pessimist. I wish I could stop, but I don’t know how. I think I was born ms. doom and gloom. I wish I had someone to talk to or to give me the encouragement that I need. My husband has no interest in writing, politics, or what I do at school. I know he is glad i’m at school and everything, but sometimes I think he wishes everything was nice and easy like it was with my previous cushy job working in the cell phone industry. I can’t shake that feeling like maybe school is such a waste of time and money or is that the pessimissim in me??
    Since I was 15 I have worked and when I became an adult no one ever gave me anything. Not my family, friends, no handouts from strangers. Everything that I have has been due to hard work and my husband, who by the way makes really good money. We have a nice house, car, lots of stuff and I don’t want to lose it, but i’m afraid sometimes to take risks because of that fear. Many tell me I have a God given talent and not to waste it. I recognize that I do have talent and it’s getting better all the time so I have to hold out. I have faith in very little except my mind. Whoever or however or why I was blessed with a keen sense of intellect, vision, and creativity is beyond me, but i’ll take it. I want to use it to help people and not waste it. Only recently has I come to feel that I could do so much more that just a plain old 9 to 5 job. My editor told me I have serious potential and I should go far if I just keep working hard.
    So tomorrow is the big day, 3 interviews! Hopefully I will have some good news. I only want to work 2 part-time jobs, so we will see how it goes.

  • Speed Your Job Search Up — Write It Down


    Got a difficult problem in your job search? Say, a lack of networking
    contacts? Or trouble answering interview questions?
    Well, you’ve got company. Problems in a job search are as common as
    potholes in March.
    But … have you ever written your problem down on a piece of paper?
    I’ll bet you haven’t.
    Because, when you write problems down, you take an immediate, huge leap
    towards solving them. Think about it: Every great invention or solution,
    from the atomic bomb to the Xbox, was first worked out on paper.
    Why not solve your employment problems the same way?
    Here’s a three-step method that will help you do it …

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