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If Only I Wanted to be a Pharmacist

Sometimes I wish that I had wanted to become a pharmacist instead of a writer. Being Rita the neighborhood druggist is a lot easier then being the next Carrie Bradshaw. In most colleges, there are specific programs set up that set you on the right path to becoming a pharmacist. You put in your time and Boom! You’re a pharmacist. But when you want to be a writer or something artistic like that there is no such program. There are no classes, no residency you can complete that guarantees you will become the greatest talent to grace the white page since Ernest Hemmingway. I hate that. Everything in the Arts and Entertainment field is all up to chance and God-gifted talent. You have to be on the streets night and day, waiting, thirsting for that opportunity, for that next idea that no one has thought of and that will put you over the top. Put you above all the young bloodthirsty hopefuls that want it just as much as you do. You basically have to pimp yourself.
Don’t get me wrong; the things learned in college are immeasurable. When at university, the classes you take give you background, historical and current. The college experience alone teaches you many aspects of the human experience that is fundamental in transcribing emotion and reality into any type of artistic expression. I just wish there was some type of structure, some mentoring program in college that teaches aspiring entertainers how to achieve that goal. Of course, you have your drama schools and things like that but it’s never a guarantee. But that is the price you pay for wanting to own the world. So don’t give up on your dreams!

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