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Our college grads and students can fill it - now.

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With 10 million students and 7 million recent grads, College Recruiter has the bright, energetic, college educated, diverse, talented candidates you need.

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From targeted email campaigns to targeted mobile banner ad campaigns to targeted display ad campaigns to job postings to packages to Job Match Alerts with Social Push to Virtual Career Fairs and Custom Research Reports, College Recruiter can provide you with the right solution for your specific needs.

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Feed Your Pipeline

Get proactive-use College Recruiter to push a reliable stream of quality candidates into your hiring pipeline.

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Build Diversity

Getting more than enough quantity of applicants but not the right quality? Struggling to attract enough qualified candidates who are disabled, military veterans, or diverse? Use our highly targeted solutions to strengthen and expand your diversity hiring efforts.

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"College Recruiter has been working as a great resource...Our inbox has been flooded with applications from quality candidates!"

-- University Relations and Recruiting Coordinator, HGST, a Western Digital Company

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