At College Recruiter, we believe that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. We believe in creating a great candidate and recruiter experience. Our interactive media solutions connect students and grads to great careers.


College Recruiter connects students and grads with employers using interactive media solutions. College Recruiter connects students and grads with leading employers using job posting ads, targeted email campaigns, targeted display and mobile banner ad campaigns, and other interactive media solutions. In fact, we are the leading, interactive, recruitment media company used by college students and recent graduates to find great careers. Our clients are primarily colleges and universities, along with employers who want to recruit dozens, hundreds or even thousands of students and recent graduates each year.

The College Recruiter Difference

The recruiting needs of every organization is different and often varies depending on the year, season and even candidate. For example, one organization may not be generating enough qualified applications and so their need may be to greatly increase the quantity of applications at a low cost per application.

Another organization may be overwhelmed by qualified applications but not receiving enough from diverse candidates. They may be best served by reducing the quantity and increasing the quality of applications by targeting just the diverse candidates.

You know your recruiting needs better than we can ever hope to. We know our solutions better than you'll ever want to. Our consultative, data¬≠-driven, client services team will follow the process we've established — the College Recruiter Difference — to ensure that we understand your needs, work with you to select a campaign designed to meet those needs, implement the campaign so we maximize your return on investment, and then follow up with you to review the outcomes.


Once we understand your needs, including how many candidates you want our help reaching or receiving applications from, then we'll be able to provide you with specific recommendations. Examples:


Want to hire one student for a customer service role in Baltimore or a recent graduate for an entry-level nursing opportunity in Des Moines? Those types of needs are typically best served by single job posting ads for 30 days for $75.


What if you want to hire a student or recent grad not just in Baltimore or Des Moines but also in a dozen other metro areas? In that case, our all you can eat branding and job posting package for 90 days for $5,000 may be right for you. Or, consider our new JobsThatScale™ solution which allows us to determine how many candidates we need to deliver to your career site so you can reach your hiring goals – and then we'll guarantee to deliver those candidates.


Employers who want to hire dozens, hundreds, or even thousands and target those people by school, major, occupational field, year of graduation, and/or diversity are best served either by our targeted email, targeted mobile banner ad, or targeted display ad campaigns. Those all start at $5,000 whether we guarantee how many highly-targeted candidates we'll deliver your ad to or how many of those candidates will click through to your career site to apply.

No matter which solution you choose, our goal is the same: create a great candidate and recruiter experience!


We believe that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Get a personalized proposal for how best to reach your target candidates by entering your info here. We will respond within one business day.

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