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Our cost-per-click job posting solution for high volume hiring employers who need to hire the highest quality, early career candidates faster and at the lowest cost.

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Instead of paying by the number of postings, you pay only for the candidates who click to your site to apply.

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Many of the world's largest employers use our permission-based, targeted email product to reach diverse students and recent grads by location, school, major, gender, race, LGBTQ, and more.

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We posted the same paid internship with a bunch of job boards but half of all of the applicants and both of the hires came from College Recruiter

We are very happy with the results from your JobsThatScale product. We met all our goals with you leading us and again are very pleased.

I was completely blown away by College Recruiter's data and analytics product.

College Recruiter is a proven leader in web 2.0 recruitment strategies for the collegiate and early career industry.

College Recruiter has been working as a great resource for our Talent Acquisition team! Our inbox has been flooded with applications from quality candidates, a bit overwhelming but we will take it!

The support that you provide is outstanding. Thanks!

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