College Student Pays Tuition By Purchasing Alcohol

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A sour economy and rising tuition bills have forced college students to get creative when it comes to making their tuition bills. One student has found a way to pay the bills by doubling on the weekend as undercover liquor store auditor and is sharing a list of companies that are hiring on his blog, The Penny Hoarder.

Meet Kyle Taylor. He is a 24 year old blogger and student at the University of South Florida. In between classes he travels the state of Florida posing as a customer at popular liquor and grocery stores. Even though he is old enough to buy alcohol, his job is to test cashiers by seeing if they are following state law, which requires stores to check the I.D. of anyone who looks under the age of forty.

Undercover auditors are usually police officers, but Taylor holds no formal training and is hired directly by the store’s management team. Their hope is to catch complacent cashiers before the police do, because the penalties of non-compliance can include hefty fines and possible loss of their liquor licenses.

Taylor often audits 50 or more stores in a weekend and its not uncommon for several of the stores to get busted. Regardless of the audit’s outcome, he is paid anywhere from $10–$50 per location for his time and follow-up report

So who’s hiring? Taylor’s blog, The Penny Hoarder, has just released a list of companies that are hiring students to go undercover nationwide. Students must be younger than 28 in order to participate.Â

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