Focused Job Searches Yield Best Results

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In the current competitive job market candidates need to be extremely focused when searching for jobs online. It is important to create job alerts on sites like or and apply for jobs that meet your qualifications. Too many jobseekers take a blanket job search approach in which they spend a significant amount of time applying for many jobs that they are not qualified for. By focusing your search on selective jobs and specific employers you will make better use of your time.

College students and recent grads should look at the following ideas to stand out amongst the crowds, particularly in competitive fields such as Finance, Advertising, Marketing and Communications:
Complete internships while in school to establish interview and work experience, improve their resume and establish references. Recent US Government studies show that over 50% of private sector interns are hired full time.
Utilize the career center at their university to participate in mock interviews and attempt to network with alumni.
Use the networks and connections of their parents, siblings, relatives and friends to gain contacts.
Research trade shows in the industry that they are looking to gain employment and contact the show to get a free exhibit hall pass.
Candidates should also follow up on their applications by attempting to contact the hiring manager or recruiter directly. This will help them standout and can increase the chances of receiving an interview. It is important to be persistent, but not annoying when contacting and following up with potential employers. Once the interview is complete the candidate should follow up the meeting with a personal note and/or email within 24 hours to all of the contacts that they met with.
Jobseekers can no longer simply apply for jobs online and attend career fairs. They need to be more creative and targeted to stand out with potential employers.
Guest post by Brendan Cruickshank, vice-president,

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