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Losing email list members? Here are a few ways to keep them!

Do you have people who were once excited about your mailings now running for the hills? Are you getting more opt outs than clicks? Obtaining and retaining list members is a struggle all email companies face. There are a few things that you can do, however, to make those valuable individuals stick around!
Make sure when you are sending ads or newsletters to your list members that they are relevant. People who sign up for a gardening site, probably do not want to get email ads for automotive batteries, but would be thrilled with ads and information about seeds and spring bulbs.
It is also important to make sure that the emails sent are of high quality and everything in them, including the unsubscribe link, works. How frustrating for a reader to want more information, click on the link and have it go nowhere! If that happens more than one time? Your list just lost a member.
Finally, make sure you do not send emails too often, even if they are relevant. No list member wants to hear from you multiple times a day. A couple times a week or even a couple times a month maybe the perfect fit for your list.
We all want to have happy and active email list members. By remembering why they signed up for your list and not overwhelming them with offers they can remain active and happy for a long time.

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