I Love (or rather appreciate) Entry-Level Chemical Engineering Job Databases

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There is a central database for every job imaginable! I don’t think the job search could be easier, it sure keeps the stress level at minimal (or near minimal) levels.
The Engineering Central is one of those databases I was telling you all about a couple of sentences before. Go there, you chemical engineering folk, and browse those entry-level jobs. What is great about this job central database (dear I say all?) is that it has many of the tools we know and love: salary wizard, resume tips, other extra resources… great stuff. Heck, this may be the one and only stop you have to make in your search for chemical engineering jobs.
If not, don’t worry, engineer.net is another place to visit for chemical engineering jobs and looks just as useful as the one above. In fact, many more jobs are listed here and even the date the job was posted (although I’m never sure what the use of that is) but still, maybe it’s handy. Lastly, visit about.com, jobs.com and salary.com (all sites I find continually useful). You’ll be engineering chemically in no time.
Engineering Central:

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