Embedded Systems and PCB Design Engineer

About Company

Orthopaedic problems like back and neck pain, arthritis, sports injuries etc. is a very large healthcare problem to solve and is the second biggest reason why people go to a doctor. Our company, Orthocure Healthcare Pvt Ltd, is a 7.5 year old company building a full stack model to solve these orthopaedic problems in a medically correct and patient centric way which no one else in India is doing.

We transverse across major medical sciences of Orthopaedics, advance Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Fitness and Orthotics to solve these problems in an integrated way. We are building India's 1st chain of specialty clinics for orthopaedic problems and, through a unique network based and asset light model, offering surgical facilities as well.  We offer services in both offline and online mode. We have been pioneers in introducing new techniques and treatments in India and Delhi-NCR.  We also have Fitness Centres with a very unique offering.

We also design, develop and manufacture products for patients as well as for medical practitioners for both Indian and export markets with all our products "made in India" and many of them for the first time in India. We also have an academy for teaching new treatment methodologies to medical practitioners.

With basic foundations of the business model in place, the company is now poised to expand at an all India level.


As an Electronics Engineer you will:

Read, compare, interpret and analyze data sheets
Design schematics and PCBs, simulate circuits and write high-quality embedded software.
Collaborate with Mechanical/Electrical/Software engineers on development of vital sign measurement hardware.
Develop and test C/C++ software for mission-critical embedded systems.

We are looking for an Electronics Engineer with the following:

Self-motivating and prepared to be challenged and work out of your comfort zone.
Currently pursuing or has recently obtained a Bachelors, Masters in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Related Field, or equivalent Experience.
Willingness to be accountable, autonomous, and take full ownership of projects and end-to-end development of electrical products.
Around 3-4 years industry experience in many of the following (preferably all): circuit simulation (SPICE), schematic design, PCB designing (KiCad, Altium, Eagle), reading and analyzing datasheets, and writing high-quality embedded software in C/C++.
Demonstrable history of thinking outside the box.
Flexibility with working on different kinds of projects to build a final product.

Why join us?

To gain highly valuable and applicable experience with the entire product life cycle - right from developing the initial prototype to launching the final product. You will gain experience leading and delivering an end-to-end electronic product with a high-quality team.

gurugram, UP, IN