Hardware Testing


• Remote server setup (Firmware/Device Driver)

• Test Execution, Test Monitoring, Test Log Collection/Verification, Defect Logging/Reporting.

• Analysis of Performance / Stress Test results and comparing with Benchmarks/Test Plan.

• Review numerous test failure reasons to determine root cause (strong debugging and troubleshooting skills).

• Functional and Stability validation of new Chipsets/Hardware components on various platforms/generations.

• Coordinate with Hardware Vendors/Dev/PMs/Internal Partners, as necessary, on Technical Issues related to test failures/observed discrepancies.

• SLA Adherence as per SOW


5+ years of Data center racks/server hardware experience

• Strong knowledge of Cloud Computing Concepts and Data Center Architecture (Racking and Stacking).

• Strong knowledge of Hardware Components like Mother board (BMC), CPU, BIOS (Legacy/UEFI), NIC, HDD/SSD, RAM, TPM, CPLD, FPGA etc.

• Strong knowledge of protocols like SAS, SATA, NVMe.

• Strong knowledge of computer bus interfaces like PCIe & modules like SIMM / DIMM.

• Strong Knowledge of computer performance metrics (How to measure a computing device’s performance?) – i.e., Latency, TH, IOPS, Clock Speed, FLOPS etc.

• Strong knowledge/experience on server hardware / secondary components testing (performance / stress) using tools like ‘IOMeter’, ‘Memory Latency Checker (MLC)’, ‘Prime95’, ‘DiskSpd’, Windows HLK etc.

• Experience in troubleshooting issues related to Racks (CM/RM) / PSU / PDU / Network switch’s is an added advantage.

• PowerShell Scripting expertise to develop utility/automation tools/scripts (At least PowerShell knowledge to handle different kinds of exceptions while using Hardware Test Framework / Test Execution using different tools).

• Strong knowledge on Windows Server & Basic Knowledge on Networking.

• Experience with Visual Studio Online (TFS) or Azure DevOps (ADO) or Similar and/or Workflow System.

• Experience using Microsoft Office Product Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) & PowerBI.

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