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Full Stack Engineer

About Indee

"Indee ( is amongst the leading providers of a proprietary platform for secure video distribution and streaming used by some of the world’s largest media companies including Netflix, Viacom CBS, Paramount Pictures, Disney and over 700 other companies, big and small. Indee has grown 10x in the last 2 years and is scaling up at a rapid rate.

To scale the team to the levels we aspire to, we are looking for an experienced hand to drive our People management efforts, primarily focusing on our talent acquisition, employee growth and retention functions.


Engineering at Indee

At Indee, everyone’s an engineer at heart. We were founded by engineers and it shows. If you love to work with designers and marketing teams that follow a numbers-based approach to everything - you'll love our team.

We take great pride in our work, and identify strongly with the following characteristics:

  • We're leaders who love to speak and write about our work, you will be working with a small and very competent team.
  • A core part of our engineering culture is inclusiveness: We want to accommodate people from all backgrounds, we love the misfits and the geeks, the quiet achievers and the obsessive freaks.


Job Description

Our stack uses Python, Django, HTML, Javascript, Nodejs, CSS, VueJS, Postgres. All of our infrastructure is on AWS. Expertise in these areas is a huge plus, but not necessary. We are looking for engineers that understand that simplicity and reliability are aspects of a system to be carefully calculated with every decision made. We are a collaborative team that genuinely enjoys working together.


Key Responsibilities:

  • At a high level, you will lead the efforts for achieving a world-class viewing experience for users while pushing every boundary on securing videos.
  • You will work and launch quick prototypes using lean methodologies. All this while ensuring that stability is never compromised.
  • You will be involved in working with the engineering leadership to architect complex systems ranging from cloud-based infrastructure, queuing mechanisms, and modeling data.
  • Work on deconstructing video and the data provided along with it.
  • We have built cloud processing systems for video manipulation and secure delivery. As part of our continued efforts to stay ahead of the curve, we constantly perform experiments in our lab (e.g NLP and Video Emotion detection in the past and advanced forensics at present). You too will have the opportunity to work with team members on those cutting-edge experiments.
  • You will actively Strategize with the team to find a fix to a problem -- and then make it work.
  • Document, review, code and provide feedback on technical designs.
  • Handle deployment automation/configuration management.
  • Keep everything up and running by managing scale.


What We’re Looking For

  • At least 2+ years of relevant experience
  • Core Skills: Celery, Django 2.x, Python 3.6+, Nodejs, Postgres, HTML, Javascript, CSS, VueJS, Git, Black, ESLint, Flake8,
  • Familiarity with: EC2, S3, RDS, Cloudfront, Load Balancers, Route53, MediaConvert, CI/CD pipelines on Github workers and Gitlab runners
  • For us, security is of utmost importance - You understand security concepts deeply and write code to protect us and our users.
  • Jump into situations with few guardrails and make things better yet write comprehensible, testable code with an eye towards maintenance
  • Should be able to develop robust Restful APIs
  • Strong CS fundamentals: Data structures, Algorithms, Distributed systems and Information Retrieval
  • You ship fast. Speed is in your blood. Except when you are driving in Bangalore



  • Knowledge of cloud computing is a huge plus. Kubernetes, Docker, Reactjs, redux, webpack 4, SCSS, ES7, Jenkins Pipeline, CloudFormation, TerraForm
  • Any open-source contribution would give you an edge
  • Strong skills with git and some experience with shell scripting is again an added advantage
  • Knowledge of agile and a lean way of doing things is a huge benefit.


Job Perks:

  • We endeavor never to hire idiots that will frustrate our work environment.
  • Medical Insurance of INR 2 lacs which can be upgradable to a total of INR 22 lacs (All sponsored by the organization)
  • Open leave policy - no leave limits
  • Company-sponsored Learning @ Indee: Learning via various platforms/tools - conferences, online courses, etc which can be chosen by the employees themselves. We encourage training and will take care of travel and accommodation for conferences.
  • Performance-driven stock options
  • Generous rewards for building the organization via the employee referral route
  • Phenomenal working culture - Access to leadership, a culture of trust, performance-driven growth, treated like adults, etc
  • Cross-functional growth
  • Hybrid working model
bangalore, KA, IN