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Database Administrator

Roles and duties:
1    Undertake End-to-End Management of Database on an ongoing basis to ensure smooth functioning
2    Undertake task including managing changes to database Scheme, disk space, storage and user role.
3    Setting and Tuning System Parameters
4    Administration and management of ODG ,MS-SQL Log Shipping ,Replication tool Between DC to DRC.
5    Management of BCV/Second copy server at both DC-DRC Location by mounting and Testing thoroughly for respective databases.
6    Monitoring and Managing growth of Infrastructure ,tables,indexes,Segments, partitions Etc.
7    Database Monitoring ,Table alteration,Index Rebuild
8    Table reorganization, Space and Redo Log Management 
9    Update Statistics,Check Database,Cleanup logs, and various standard Jobs scheduling and Monitoring
10    Building appropiate Indexes, specifying large enough buffers and Catches ,aligning the Database Implementation with IT Infrastucture ,monitoring applications,reorganizing database etc.
11    Manage Databse upgrade ,patch upgrade as and when required with minimum downtime.


Key Skills:

A logical thinking.
The ability to prioritise tasks.
Problem-solving skills.
Good organisational skills.


Any graduate or Post graduate
Raipur, CT, IN