Software Engineer - AUTOSAR / Embedded Development

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Be a Part of the Technology Revolution
There has never been a more exciting time to be part of an automotive technology company like Visteon. No industry offers more fast-paced change and opportunity than today’s automotive industry. We are in the midst of a mobility revolution that will completely change the way we interact with our vehicles, reduce the number of car accidents and fatalities, and make the world a cleaner place.

Visteon is at the epicenter of this mobility revolution. Two major trends in the automotive industry – the shift to electric vehicles and vehicles with autonomous safety technologies – have created unique opportunities for Visteon. We are the only automotive provider solely focused exclusively on cockpit electronics – the fastest-growing segment in the industry.

6. Behaviours and Mind-set
• Interacts well with people across teams; communicates with enthusiasm and networks effectively
• Establishes rapport and puts people at ease; develops long-lasting relationships within and across teams
• Gains recognition for own work on team projects; attracts attention and recognition for own achievements as well as team accomplishments
• Facilitates collaboration within and across scrum teams

Critical Thinking:
• Consistently develops expertise, using a variety of sources to acquire new knowledge and skills; ensures own specialist knowledge and that of the department is up-to-date, working with individuals to fulfil their development and training requirements
• Takes a practical approach to tackling issues, staying close to ground level operations in the business; tests out how new things work, quickly identifying whether something is workable or not
• Provides insights to the business, identifying key impacting issues and targeting opportunities for improvement; demonstrates a strong sense of whether a proposed solution will be effective
Processing Details:
• Ensures projects are completed on time; keeps the team on schedule
• Works with the team to thoroughly review deliverables and spot key errors, resulting in consistently high quality work
• Follows established procedures and processes, looking for any opportunities to minimize the risk associated with team projects
Evaluating Problems:
• Processes different types of information, which require complex analysis, correctly identifying key trends; uses incisive questioning to gain a deep understanding of issues and their wider impact; quickly generates appropriate solutions informed by previous experience
• Prepares well-written material for a range purposes; highlights the key facts and critical points behind an argument
• Works well with complex numerical data and evaluates information effectively; makes full use of the latest technology and ensures others on the team do the same

• Convinces people by making a strong case, bringing other people on the team to understand and agree with the presented viewpoint; negotiates effectively to get the best outcomes for self and the team
• Articulates information clearly, explaining complex information effectively and confidently in presentations to existing and new team members
• Challenges others to consider and discuss established views or assumptions that require further thought; effectively argues own perspective

More Good Reasons to Work for Visteon Focusing on the Future
Our company strategy focuses on leading the evolution of automotive digital cockpits and safety solutions. This strategy is driven by constant innovation, and you will support our efforts through your role. We are recognized across the industry for innovation. We have a strong book of business that is expected to drive future growth, along with a customer base that includes almost every automotive manufacturer in the world.

Company Culture
Working at Visteon is a journey in which our employees can develop their strengths and advance their careers while making a difference globally. Join us and help change the world and how we interact with our vehicles. Visteon is where the best technical talent creates the future. Learn more about our culture here.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits
Visteon offers competitive salaries and benefits and an environment that encourages employees to achieve their career goals.
Kakinada, AP, IN