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Operations Supervisor

Operations SupervisorThe coreresponsibility of the Operations Supervisor is to ensure the adherence of theoperational processes by his/her team: 1. Ensure inbound freight is collected,processed, and scanned into the hub2. Ensure freight is weighed and measured3. Ensure freight is assigned to courier routes4. Ensure couriers are dispatched on time andSLA’s are met5. To collect or deliver freight or parcels asand when required to ensure branch SLA’s are achieved 6. Follow up with couriers on deliveries andescalate bad address or missed SLA deadlines to CSD team 7. Assign collections to couriers on route8. Ensure courier routes are cost effective andcourier vehicles are tracked on the Tracking system9. Immediately address exceptions reported bythe Tracking system with the courier responsible10. Process collected freight into the hubincluding the accurate weighing and measuring of parcels11. Process freight onto various service providermanifests, adhering to cost and SLA expectations12. Master number to be captured onto ParcelPerfect “Manifest” and the manifest checked the following morning to ensurethat all parcels on the ONX manifest are out on delivery and RDF/DMW Manifestsmust be checked that all parcels are out for delivery within 48 hours. 13. Ensure manifested freight is assigned to thecorrect line haul agent14. Ensure processed freight on manifests isdropped off or collected on time at the various service providers (whenrequired)15. Capturing AWB’s onto Parcel Perfect ifrequired16. Ensuring that AWB copies and trip sheets arehanded to CSD daily 17. Ensuring POD’s are correct18. Manage overtime and ensure staff are fullyutilised while working overtime, redundant staff on overtime to be sent home19. Capturing overtime sheets daily and sendingoff to Accounting for processing weekly20. Ensuring the warehouse is clean and tidy21. Ensuring vehicles are inspected daily notingall damage, fuel levels, vehicle accessories as well as ensuring no freight isleft in any vehicle overnight22. Vehicle check lists to completed daily23. Ensure vehicles are clean and tidy24. Ensuring courier phones are handed in dailyand stored in a safe place25. Ensuring couriers are dressed as per companyregulations including wearing of the required safety gear26. Responding to any query within 30 minutes andensuring all queries are resolved within 60 minutes or an update is sent to theinitiator within 60 minutes27. Managing branch stationary and orderingrequired stock timeously28. Ensure safety and security procedures areadhered to29. Training,mentoring and motivating staff
Cape Town, WC, ZA