Engineer Backups

Are you looking to be a part of an innovative team that wants to work with the latest technologies? Do you want to work in a place where your ideas are valued and implemented? Are you looking for a new challenge? We believe this role should be perfect for you! Please read through and apply.

As a Backups Engineer, you'll be responsible for maintaining and improving the company's backup infrastructure. You will work closely with our systems administrators to ensure that all data is backed up on an ongoing basis and that it can be restored quickly in the event of an outage or disaster. In this role, you'll also monitor issues regarding system performance, availability and capacity planning so as to identify any problems before they become major problems. You may also have occasion to attend meetings where these matters are discussed at length by senior management team members such as Product Management or IT Directors.


Provides technical support for NetBackup backups and NetBackup recovery operations to the customer-Manages NetBackup production systems, software and services including backup, archive, repository, and data quality, as well as NetBackup backup and recovery products.
Leads and conducts technical assessments to identify and resolve issues impacting operational effectiveness and capacity requirements.
Works closely with other technology staff to resolve complex issues.
Assists the development team in the process of adding new features and functionality to NetBackup.
Researches and develops applicable solutions to meet the request.
Develops new solutions to enhance performance and maintain customer satisfaction.
Evaluate new solutions to replace older solutions or meet new compliance standards.
Collaborates with other Engineering groups and other departments within the company to resolve problems and ensure the reliability of products and services.


Minimum of 2 years’ experience in the backup, recovery and recovery process
Must have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently as well as within a team environment.

Sandton, GT, ZA