Divisional Head: Research, Policy And Strategy

Organisation name: Currency Research, Policy and StrategyDepartment description: Currency Management DepartmentBrief descriptionThe main purpose of this position is to provide leadership and strategic direction in the Currency Research, Policy and Strategy Division, lead currency research, policy formulation and strategy development to achieve strategic objectives of the Currency Management Department (CMD) within the Bank.Detailed descriptionThe successful candidate will be responsible for the following key performance areas:Craft a long-term currency strategy for approval by the head of department and the bank executive leadership.Provide thought leadership regarding the emerging currency landscape.Research emerging business trends and developments in currency with a view to bring innovation to the supply chain and enhance currency integrity.Oversee the integrity and accuracy of currency data and information in the department.Build capability and mature data management to support the departments strategic focus areasDevelop data strategy, frameworks and processes in line with the bank information strategyEngage with relevant stakeholders in the research and development of currency strategies and policies.Participate in the deployment of emerging technologies in the currency environment, to ensure fit-for-purpose currency solutions.Develop policies and the regulatory framework that give effect to the currency strategies adopted.Represent the bank on domestic and international forums on currency topics.Create a performance culture, define performance expectations and conduct effective performance management of direct reports.Drive priority development for employees, promoting and supporting career management and development.Ensure compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements as well as effective risk-mitigating measures within the division.Job requirementsTo be considered for this position, candidates must be in possession of:a Masters degree Finance, Economics or an equivalent qualification; and years of experience in the currency and monetary analysis and research environment, with at least 35 years of experience in project and team leadership.Additional requirements include:Research techniques and methodologies.Currency management.Project management.Report writing.Problem-solving and analysis.Verbal and written communication.Presentation.Team leadership.Stakeholder management.Liaison.Interpersonal; andConfidentiality.
Pretoria, GT, ZA