Public Health Officer (Emergency Response), Pretoria

..Qualifications Purpose In the context of the WHO Emergencies Preparedness and Response Programme, the incumbent will manage the Emergency Response activities at the national level, will support the prevention and control of high threat diseases of pandemic & epidemic potential through coordinating the forecasting, characterization of diseases and/or infectious risks and the implementation of evidence-based strategies to manage infectious hazards. Objectives of the Programme The objective of this programme is to support the South African government in Emergencies Preparedness and Response, to help to prevent, prepare for, detect, rapidly respond to, and recover from outbreaks and emergencies. Technical Supervision The incumbent will report directly to the WHO Emergencies Preparedness and Response (EPR) Lead and under the leadership of the WHO Country Office Representative. He/she will support and act as an advisor to the WHO emergency team on Emergency Response activities, enabling the development of strategies and plans that maximize the individual and collective impact of WHO throughout the full cycle of the emergency nationally. Expected Assigned Duties/Work to be Performed The incumbent will perform several Emergency management functions indicated below: Coordination Functions 1. Support the development of strategies, contingency and or response plans for an effective response to public health emergencies 2. Support implementation of the emergency response strategies and plans and ensure that all deliverables are achieved 3. In Consultation with the EPR Lead plan and schedule IMT meetings and or Teleconferences with relevant parties 4. Coordinate and plan the regular WHO country office IMT meetings during a response. 5. Consolidate information from a broad range of health sectors, analyzing and recommending actions and guidelines for the elaboration of plans and strategies, including consolidating health data in trends and trends assessment, with particular attention to surveillance, monitoring, and early warning. 6. Coordinate the planning and facilitation of Intra-action reviews (IAR), development of timebound action plans and tracking implementation of the recommendations 1. Support day-to-day operations of the WHO country office IMT and PHEOC and ensure effective information sharing during emergencies 2. Contribute to the efficient running of the IMT and EOC (if established) by ensuring all Response plans/ Incident Action plans are periodically reviewed as the event evolves 3. Ensure documentation of all WHO IMT processes and track implementation of all decisions/actions 1. Support activation and operationalization of the Incident Management systems (IMS) at national and provincial level. 2. Under the guidance of the EPR lead and Incident Manager support activation of the Response plan and track key indicators of the response. 3. Support the development, improvement, and dissemination of procedures, guidelines, policies, and other standard operating procedures (SOPs) on response 4. Design and conduct monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance tools needed to ensure that emergency response deliverables are on track and adhere to ERF performance standards, donor, and key stakeholder requirements 5. Support synthesis of lessons learnt and best practices in the response as well as generation of end of outbreak report. 6. Perform any other related duties, as required by the functional supervisor. 5 Competencies 1. Teamwork 2. Technical Competence 3. Building and Promoting Partnerships Across the Organization and Beyond 4. Producing Results 5. Communication
Johannesburg, GT, ZA