Specialist: Software And Web Development

Requirements: A formal qualification of at least NQF level 6 in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, SoftwareAnd/or Web Development or a related field. Any relevant specialised certifications or a post-graduateDegree will be especially advantageousCertificationAny data or cloud platform (GCP, Azure, AWS)Certification is required, other relevant certificationsWill be highly advantageousResponsibilities:Architect, develop and maintain modern, high-fidelity websites and web apps, using the latestopen-source frameworks, tools, and cloud-based backends and hosting. Contribute to the development of exemplary UIs and UXs that enables efficient interactionthrough ease of use and accessibility. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of software and web development tools, relatedtechnologies, and security considerations. Guide standards and best practices across the stack.- Processes, Automation, and DevOps Mature our DevOps practices, cloud-based toolsets, and production applications. Identify systemic inefficiencies, conceptualise solutions, and drive their development. Ensure consistent documentation of all implemented tools, systems, and processes. Support tools, applications, and infrastructure life cycles via standard service managementprinciples and processes.- Business and Leadershipo Use software development techniques to innovate and solve problems, translating businessrequirements into system designs. Engage with stakeholders to support the design and delivery of data science projects andsolutions. Lead and develop a team of junior software and web developers. Contribute to our agile way of work and innovation culture
Johannesburg, GT, ZA