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3rd Line Engineer

We are searching for a 3rd Line Engineer to join my incredible client in Nutfield, Surrey. Please see below for their intriguing job spec!
About The Company
They are a Managed Hosting company that does things differently.
Differently how, you might enquire?
Well, when you think of IT hosting, you think of servers, IT professionals, policies, vendors, meetings, data centres, some more servers, all tied together with a dollop of red tape. And that’s fine, it’s… fine.
Then there’s my client, and we’re not going to lie, we do all of the above, sure. But we like to take things from greyscale, into glorious Technicolor in our very own signature fashion.
For example;
We make meetings fun and light hearted
We work with truly exciting and progressive vendors, such as Pure Storage
We only employ thoroughly lovely people
We believe in profits, but also in sharing these profits
We believe in advancing employee’s lives, not just their careers
And we believe in working with customers and partners, in ways that both parties can excel and grow.
All of this and we’ve barely spoken about Server Hosting yet! But we don’t mean to talk down on what we do. The truth is, we love the art of hosting servers. But like a fine Swiss watch, it takes many components to make a service sing.
And jeez, we just love to make a service sing.
The 3rd Line Engineer Role:
And here we are now; the very reason for which you, Dear Reader are reading this eccentric job description. We are recruiting again (and we’re reeeeally excited, in case you couldn’t guess).
We’re looking for our next Server Soldier, our Cloud Captain, our Virtual Virtuoso. And maybe, just maybe, some stars are already beginning to align (cue: even more excitement!).
But before we get too ahead of ourselves (ahem), perhaps it’s only fair to give you an idea of what we so patiently, are seeking.
We’re looking for a Senior Hosting Technician, but of course, not any old kind of Hosting Technician, oh no no no.
We’re looking for someone who can not only surf our support desk and bring life to new hosting projects, but do so with a beautiful steez; somebody who wants to bring energy, ideas and best practices (and help us forge new ones). All the while with cool headedness, kindness and patience.
We’re looking for somebody that has an entrepreneurial spirit - an 'Intrapreneur’ if you will! (Because who wants to just turn up day in, day out and bang that 40 hr per week drum?).
- Somebody that wants to spot angles and opportunities, diamonds within the rough and has the courage to call them out.
Our motto is, if new ideas work, we all win. If they do not, then we’re wiser for it.
So down to a touch of the nitty gritty, what’s this role all about?
To get to the nuclear core of this role, you will essentially be splitting your time between three exciting theatres of activity; Senior support to the service desk… Embracing the more advanced technical challenges whilst, supporting the more junior members within the team
Maintaining our beautiful hosting platform. It mostly runs on pixie dust and unicorn tears, but does require occasional interaction from special human beings

Receiving and managing inbound requests for support. Examples of this might be investigating service performance or stability issues (just never blame the unicorns!)
Occasionally out of hours support is required within the role, such is the nature of our industry but fear not, we ensure that you are suitably remunerated!
Adhering to service level agreements and project scheduling keeps us competitive. Some of our staff is Swiss, which bodes well given the quality of their time keeping heritage
Pushing our cutting edge technologies as far as we sensibly can, for example VMware, Pure Storage, Veeam Backup&Replication and the Microsoft stack, to name only a few
3rd Line Engineer experience and requirements:
If you’ve gotten this far, then clearly there’s more than one or two moons that have aligned and we’re feeling genuine excitement for you!
But, there’s a but.
A few more housekeeping points, to ensure that you’re able to nudge a couple more of those moons into alignment;
In case you haven’t been able to tell this so far, we love people with personality, passion, drive, talent, kindness, grit and determination. Rate yourself on these, if you’re at least an 8/10, great news (and keep reading!)
We hire on personality and company fit primarily. This said, it’s important that you have a degree of relevant experience, for example;
o You’re an ace bananas technician, who has a strong track record of previous similar work activity
o Ideally some experience within a service provider landscape
o You have a good degree of technical abilities with virtualisation, firewalling, networking, DNS, internet circuitry, backups and recoveries, server builds. (Any experience wrangling unicorns or pixie’s, may also be advantageous)
o You understand the mechanics of a service desk outfit, for example SLA’s, KPI’s, outages, team cohesion, messaging customers
You must drive and live within a 45-minute rush hour commute of Nutfield, Surrey as this is an office based role
You’re able to work out of hours when it’s required (but we promise it’s the exception - we greatly believe in staff having downtime)
3rd Line Engineer package:
Now we’d love to think working with us is remuneration enough and hey, you might turn around one day and insist that this is the case! But until then, to not make things awkward, we’ll make the first move and outline the below;
Base salary - up to £55k
Bonus - 10% (paid out bi-annually)
50% gym contribution to local gym (2 minutes from office)
Quarterly office socials. Events, meals, drinks
Free premium coffee/tea
22 days annual leave, rising to 25 days accruing a day per year
Company laptop (Dell XPS) / phone (iPhone)
Applicable training courses
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