Multi Intensive- Severe Center Educational Assistant


Position: Educational Assistant
Reports to: Multi Intensive- Severe Center Director
Location: STRIVE Prep - Kepner
Salary: $30,721.60

STRIVE Prep is a Denver-based community of public charter schools that challenges every student to strive for college and thrive throughout life by helping them to discover and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in college and beyond. We encourage you to read our 2021 Impact Report and learn more about what a career at STRIVE Prep is like here. 

We seek dedicated educators that live STRIVE Prep's core values of achievement, justice, & perseverance every day and are committed to growing as an anti-racist educator. 



  • Support students in all academic settings as directed by Special Education and GenEd teachers.
  • Assist GenEd classroom teachers in providing accommodations and modifications for students.
  • Provide instruction at centers or small groups as directed by the MI Center Director.
  • Be actively involved in the lesson/activity and support the GenEd or Special Education teacher as needed.
  • Actively identify students that are struggling and provide assistance.
  • Ensure students are given time to be independent. This includes:
  • Giving students the opportunity to attempt and/or complete the task on their own.
  • Giving students processing time and not providing answers if they do not immediately respond to questions.
  • Not attempting to put words in students' mouths or guess what they are saying/thinking.
  • Being realistic with the amount of processing time and not allowing students to purposely waste time.
  • Help students read questions and passages in math, science and life skills when necessary.
  • Monitor student progress on assignments in all classes using proximity (i.e. walking around the classroom) and not sitting with one student the entire class period (unless specifically assigned as a one-on-one).
  • Communicate regularly with teachers about students who are struggling.
  • Attend meetings with teachers to share concerns/suggestions and stay informed.
  • Be prepared to teach lessons independently, without assistance or presence from other teachers.
  • Attend weekly MI Center team meetings and discuss lesson plans, behavioral concerns, and upcoming events.
  • Assist in grading and entering grades, making copies and other assorted organizational tasks.


  • Refer to students using first-person language (i.e. "Josue is a student with autism" not "Josue is an autistic student).
  • Actively listen to all directions given in the classroom and be ready to repeat these instructions to students multiple times, if necessary.
  • Attend students' lunchtime when possible in order to build relationships outside of the learning environment.
  • Provide supervision of students during both lunch and recess activities.
  • Communicate regularly and often with families to both solicit their input and share student social and academic progress.


  • Participate in STRIVE Prep's Summer Training Institute in July as well as professional development throughout the school year.
  • Attend and participate in weekly staff and grade level meetings.
  • Participate in regular instructional coaching meetings.


  • Hold a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree or are able to submit proof of Qualified status within six weeks of starting through one of the following channels outlined by the Colorado Department of Education:
    • Hold a bachelor level degree
    • Have earned 48 or more college-level credit hours
    • Have or are able to pass the WorkKeys exams
    • Read more about the available pathways to becoming a Qualified Educational Assistant.


  • Speaks Spanish and/or has experience working with English Learners
  • Demonstrated success working with students of color


  • Competitive Compensation and benefits including paying 100% of individual benefits. 
  • On average, our network provides a 4% annual salary increase which is one of the highest in the Denver education market. 
  • STRIVE Prep 5 Year Club: After 5 years of continual employment, all employees are eligible for your choice of a 3 weeks paid Sabbatical or a pay out. 
  • Industry high 6+ weeks of annual vacation/PTO. Hard work is rewarded with ample time to refresh. 
    • Based on hire date employees are eligible for up to 8 days of PTO 
    • All employees receive summer vacation based on work location and position
  • Participation in the Colorado PERA retirement program, including a PERA 401k option.
  • Opportunity to work with passionate, mission-driven colleagues who are invested in your personal and professional growth. 
  • Equipment provided: laptop
  • Weekly coaching sessions 


STRIVE Prep is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. STRIVE Prep works to make a college preparatory education for all students in our community the norm, rather than the exception. To achieve this we are committed to building and sustaining a diverse team by maintaining hiring and recruiting processes that are free from bias. 

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Salary Range
$26,000.00 - 37,000.00
per Year
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Denver, CO 80201, US
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