Serving Position Part time Evening or Day shifts $40- $60 per hour includingtips

Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge is now accepting applications for two part time Evening Serving Positions and one part time Daytime Serving Position.  


Toulouse has been one of the most patronized and visited dining destinations in Seattle for the last ten years. And we have easily been the most patronized full service restaurant in the region throughout the capacity restrictions and lockdowns, which means by the community population who lives here and knows us.  We enjoy a highly loyal, diverse and professional patronage.


This will be one of the highest income serving positions that can be found in the region.  In one of the most well run, dynamic and welcoming environments.  You will be joining a very experienced and easy to work with staff who are positive and capable.


In addition for any prospective newly hired Server who is also still currently receiving unemployment benefits, being a part time employee to start with us should have no effect on your continuing benefits eligibility. 


We want to make this as seamless and easy a transition as possible for you that serves your best interests as well as our need to add to our staff as the capacity restricions are lifted, And the position can turn into a full time employment position at a later date as well.


We are seeking a disciplined, experienced and professional individual to join a well-run and positive staff and environment that is committed to the quality of the experience and cuisine we offer to our diverse and loyal customer base.


The menu at Toulouse is extensive and ambitious, featuring the highest quality and sourced local ingredients, and using the best in innovative and classical handing, preparation and technique in one of the most equipment intensive kitchens in the country.  


The environment here is very much that of a neighborhood establishment:  warm, positive, and accessible with a decorative backdrop that was carefully and painstakingly hand crafted by local artists and artisans. 


We prefer to meet applicants in person, since much easier to get a feel for who you are as an individual, rather than merely ‘meeting’ you through scanning a resume attached to a reply e-mail.


Please apply in person at Toulouse Petit, 601 Queen Anne Ave. North, Wednesday through Friday afternoons between 2 pm and 4 pm.


No phone calls please.

Toulouse Petit
Part time
Seattle, WA 98109, US