Marketing and Administration Internship

Position Responsibilities:

- Assist in creating communications in the form of email, Mailchimp, newsletters, direct mail, flyers
and others to build and maintain deep relationships with KING families
- Engage in presentations with potential schools and partners interested in KING programs
- Plan and participate in community events to engage families that may be interested in Kids in the
Game programs, clinics, and camps
- Develop and manage projects related to social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Snapchat, Medium, etc
- Visit existing programs to take photographs, videos, etc for creative marketing materials
- Assist with back-end registration and payments for school programs and camp
- Produce reports, analyze, and present findings on the status of ongoing marketing campaigns
Salary Range
$25,000.00 - 44,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
New York, NY 10038, US