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Assistant Superintendent

Assists the Director of Utilities in planning, organizing, directing and coordinating all activities involved in the operation, maintenance, and management of the Department of Utilities. Performs other related duties as required consistent with municipal water and sewer activities. Works under the supervision of the Director of Utilities, who assigns duties and reviews performance for adequacy and conformance to departmental policies and procedures. Duties:
Directs and coordinates activities of workers engaged in installation, maintenance, repair, expansion and relocation of water/sanitary sewer distribution/collection facilities; plans and coordinates activities of workers in operation and maintenance of water system to ensure adequate water supply for human consumption and industrial or agricultural use. Directs activities of staff who oversee installations, maintenance, operation, and repair of all Utility facilities; assists in the development of plans to meet and serve expanding community needs, such as, increasing capacity of water storage and filtration facilities or arranging new sources of water supply. Assists in planning methods and sequence of operations to facilitate additions, deletions, and modifications to either the Water or Sanitary Sewer systems; may inspect field projects to confirm conformance to specifications. Schedules and coordinates activities concerned with the processing and distributing of water and the collection of sanitary sewage; gives assignments and instructions to staff and supervises their work; assigns personnel to shifts to operate treatment plant facilities and/or lift stations. May assist with the preparation of plans and specifications for new equipment or modification of existing equipment to affect increased operational capacity or efficiency of both water/sanitary sewer systems. Reviews and evaluates water reports, records, logs and graphs to confirm adequacy of present and projected water/sanitary sewer capacity needs. Assists with the layout of work to be done, decides on the method of approach and makes assignments; makes recommendations for the improvements of processes and techniques used. Works with GIS systems to upgrade maps and existing records; receives complaints and requests for repairs and takes remedial action. Supervises the obtaining, storage, safeguarding and use of needed equipment, materials, and supplies; schedules OSHA required training for staff and necessary requirements for confined space, trenching, arc flash, etc. Reviews system parameter updates via text to verify and identify system deficiencies and makes changes, if necessary. Requirements:
Five (5) years of public water/sewer utility experience, two (2) years of which shall have been in a supervisory capacity, or previous employment in a consulting engineering company with an engineering degree and water/sewer experience. Must have either DEP water/sanitary sewer licenses (W-1, T-1 and C-1 licenses) or, in lieu of DEP licenses, have an engineering degree with water/sewer experience. If only have the engineering degree, must start and commit to achieve DEP licenses in both Water and Sanitary Sewer classifications. Must have a valid New Jersey Driver's License. Closing Date: Friday, December 14, 2018 Keywords: Facilities Maintenance Superintendent, Location: Montclair, NJ - 07042
Montclair Township
Full time
Montclair, NJ 07042, US