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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Bethesda Health | Jennings, MO, US

Posted 5 hours ago

This job is no longer available.


Provides patient care related support including services relative to hygiene, nutrition, ambulation, elimination, and safety as directed by Charge Nurse per established departmental guidelines. Documents appropriately into patient record charting based on skill level and follows established standards and guidelines. Upon admission, accurately completes personal belonging sheet, obtains and records height, weight, and vital signs, orientates new resident to the facility and unit, ensures that resident receives an arm band and provides resident with a labeled admission kit. Answers call lights promptly and responds to all resident needs. Completes rounds as assigned and throughout course of duty. Turns and repositions residents every 2 hours; repositions seated residents every hour. Takes vital signs and weights accurately and reports to Charge Nurse promptly and accurately. Ensures that proper slings, splints, braces, positions devices, specialty care items, etc. are applied according to physician or therapy orders. Accurately measures intake and output on the I & O sheets and relays information to Charge Nurse at shift change. Performs procedures and treatments as instructed by Charge Nurse (i.e.: Sitz bath, moist packs, isolation techniques, etc.). Maintains appropriate supplies and equipment on the unit and alerts Charge Nurse or purchasing clerk of additional needs. Ensures that charge items are entered according to departmental procedure. Successfully completes job duties as CNA by attending continuing education classes and in-services, accepting reassignments to other areas, taking on increased responsibilities, and keeping Charge Nurse informed of pertinent information that may require follow-up. Interacts and maintains effective working relationships with other team members, charge nurse, and department managers. Maintains discretion in handling confidential information. Gives report to Charge Nurse at the end of each shift and completes walking rounds with the oncoming or leaving shift. May be assigned other duties as appropriate.