Human resources can be compared to natural resources that are buried deep.  One has to look for them painstakingly so that he/she can be honed to perform for the benefit of more people.

Finding the natural resources fit to be honed and to lead has been the goal of 24HRPO since it started operating in 2008.  It was incorporated in November of the same year.  From then on, 24 HRPO has vowed to fulfill its promise of becoming the best offshore provider of outsourced HR services.

Earlier, the Management saw the need of having a team of professionals dedicated to providing recruitment process outsourcing services.  Starting with only five staff, 24 HRPO started servicing a California-based staffing company doing sourcing of candidates and formatting of resumes.  In 2009, 24 HRPO worked with a medical staffing company recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals.