I am currently recruiting a pool of long-term guest bloggers to regularly contribute to my product’s blog –

A bit about the product: Zip Schedules is an employee scheduling software that is fit for your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Zip Schedules simplifies work life for both managers and employees. Zip Schedules allows employees to view schedules and request trades instantaneously - all from their mobile device. Managers are put at ease because they can immediately respond to shift trades without playing a game of phone tag. Managers can create schedules in minutes and no longer waste hours pouring over excel behind a desk.

My vision for the blog:

1)   It will mirror Zip Schedules in the sense that our product leverages technology, mobility, and streamlined communication to enhance employee productivity and success.

2)   The Zip Schedules blog’s goal: To provide tools, tips, and technology that will make everyday more productive and increase your chances of success

3)   Major theme: Zip Schedules’ blog is a resource of work hacks

a.     Ie) how to stay healthy at work, how to be productive at work, how to meal prep for work, how to fire an employee….etc.

The major themes that relate to Zip Schedules:

- Technology, Apps, Software

- Mobile Phones, Mobile Apps, Communication

- Food, Restaurant Industry

- Health, Wealth, Happiness, Habits

- Hourly Workers

- Productivity, Motivation, Organization Success

- Business Practices, Entrepreneurship, Startups

Please take a look at the current articles on the blog and apply with 5 pitches for blog articles as well as your average cost per word. I am looking forward to reviewing your ideas and working together!