Trinity Industries, Inc.

Trinity Industries, Inc. is a multi-industry company that owns a variety of market-leading businesses which provide products and services to the industrial, energy, transportation, and construction sectors. Trinity reports its financial results in five principal business segments: the Rail Group, the Railcar Leasing and Management Services Group, the Inland Barge Group, the Construction Products Group and the Energy Equipment Group. Our common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TRN. Trinity’s businesses provide capital goods and services ranging from railcars to barges, concrete to propane tanks, highway guardrail to structural wind towers, railcar parts to crash cushions, and railcar leasing and management services. Trinity’s vision is to be a premier, multi-industry growth company that generates superior earnings and returns for its shareholders. Trinity expects to accomplish this through: the strength of our businesses’ market leadership positions the depth of our operational expertise the quality and talents of our people a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement Trinity’s businesses are market leaders. TrinityRail® represents the combined resources of the leading railcar manufacturer in North America and a leading provider of railcar leasing and management services. Trinity Marine Products, Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of inland barges and fiberglass barge covers. Trinity Containers, LLC is a leading manufacturer in North America of tank containers. McConway & Torley, LLC is a leading manufacturer in North America of railcar coupling devices. Trinity Highway Products, LLC and Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. are leading U.S. manufacturers of highway products. Trinity Industries de Mexico, using the brand name TATSA®, is a leading manufacturer in Mexico of tank containers. Standard Forged Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer in North America of railcar axles and large circular forgings. Trinity Materials, Inc. and Transit Mix Concrete & Materials Company are leading suppliers of aggregates and concrete in select markets within Texas and neighboring states. Trinity Structural Towers, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in North America of structural wind towers.