NEAT Method

Overview ::

Do you have an OCD-like affinity for creating clutter-free and organized spaces? Do you thrive on finding solutions to complex problems? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, and are looking for a fun way to make money on the side or while in school, joining the NEAT Method St. Louis team may be the opportunity for you!


NEAT Method is a lifestyle service company that is committed to creating more luxurious and smartly appointed living spaces. We specialize in home organization and cater to a variety of clientele. From the clutter-prone Chanel hoarder to the meticulous, overbooked bachelor, our clients have become addicted to "the NEAT life".


Job Specifications ::

The NEAT St. Louis team is looking for a hardworking individual to assist in resolving our client’s organizational challenge(s). Below is a list of services that the NEAT girls provide:

- Client consultation & assessments

- A customized action plan and timeline for each organizing project

- Implementation of organizing processes and customized solutions

- Personal shopping for organizational products

- Unpacking and organizing after a move


Qualifications ::

A potential NEAT St. Louis team member needs to posses the following:

- Attention to detail

- Strong interpersonal and conversational skills

- Strong work ethic and a positive attitude

- Knowledge of organizational processes

- Ability to work with a variety of personalities

- Ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships

- Professionalism and honesty

- Ability to visualize and transform a space

- Confidence and the ability to take charge

- Flexibility and willingness to "go with the flow"

- Ability to communicate with team and/or a client professionally and promptly


Working Conditions & Job Perks ::

- Flexible hours

- Location of jobs will vary

- Working with a team of fun and talented females

- Great pay and opportunity for growth