Alfa Publishing

Good morning (or evening),

ALFA Publishing is now open for hiring new freelance writers for semi and fuller positions. We are flexible and understanding about your situation whether you are a stay at home mom, a student, already have a day job or are just so occupied with projects, we are still open too looking into a working relationship with you.

We need someone to write exclusive and original content in a broad array of topics, it could be biographies, short stories, romance, thrillers, and different other non fiction types of works. We offer clear guidance and support through the process and always make sure you as a partner gets the best training you need to create as good material as possible. We believe in our partners.

Please leave your application here and feel free to ask me any questions.

We also have a Call for writers looking to get on board this Sunday (May 1st) at 6pm EST. - Which you can join if you are motivated and just want to do something quickly. More info here:

Talk to you soon,

Lars Horpestad
ALFA Publishing

* ALFA Publishing is in it's third year and is experiencing massive growth. It prides itself in being a modern firm, not following the traditional ways of the publishing industry and is using technology to set a new standard for publishing in the 21st century.