Optimal Blue

Today’s mortgage lending landscape is dominated by a new regulatory body, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Being involved at the heart of the origination process, Optimal Blue is well positioned to assist in navigating this new and complex environment. The CFPB’s pursuit of Fair Lending compliance is squarely focused on why a consumer received a certain mortgage product and what other products were available from the lender at the time. Optimal Advantage enables a lender to monitor, enforce and document their Fair Lending policies in Real Time. This feature, powered by Optimal Blue’s new Historical Pricing service, once again forges a new path in mortgage lending.

By managing the complete investor product and eligibility and pricing content for lenders, Optimal Blue has provided advanced decision making capabilities and improved workflow efficiencies. Managing target profit margins in a competitive environment at the loan level is made feasible using the strategic pricing tools, including conditional and dynamic mark-ups.