General LED, Inc.

About General LED

Efficient, durable, flexible LED lighting offers economic and environmental benefits that demand global adoption.  The companies of General LED maximize the advantages of rapidly developing LED technologies, replacing inefficient incandescent, neon and fluorescent lighting with the extended lifespan and low energy demand of LED technology. As the demand for resource conservation grows, General LED is re-lighting the world.

Founded in 2003 with a strong intellectual property portfolio, General LED, Inc. is a holding company that provides a broad range of LED products through two primary divisions: AgiLight for signage applications and GenLED for architectural lighting. General LED is a privately held company supported by San Antonio-based McCombs Partners, the investment division of McCombs Enterprises (; and by the Royal Group based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ( ). 

General LED has offices in San Antonio, Texas in USA, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Shenzhen in China. 


General LED companies are founded on an intellectual property portfolio of successful innovations, and we continue to lead LED technology into new and exciting applications. We invite active collaboration with the people who specify illumination for identity signage, architecture and other applications of our technology. 

General LED companies invite active collaborations with designers who specify illuminations for brand identity signage, architecture and other applications. We seek to develop unique lighting solutions for enhancing a brand image or architectural features. 

General LED offers brand managers, consultants, designers and architects our support to solve problems in challenging applications. Together we can match the right LED solutions to creating the intended lighting effects.