InfoMagnum IT Corporation

Here at InfoMagnum, we provide you with smart solutions and the knowledge you need in order to handle your Big Data. You can consider IT done, as we are curators with plethora of experience across various domains since a decade. We give you knowledge and solution so that you can expand your business, make it more profitable and targeted from there on.


We take you through all technicalities and help you gain confidence and talent with our various partners/products. Our areas of expertise can aid you as for big data and analytic solutions virtually, in any business industries using advanced analytic technologies that can last for long.


We, at InfoMagnum, work smart to provide you with new insights and solutions so as to make your business more accurate and reach the right audience.


InfoMagnum provides analytic solution in as many fields as:

  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Government issues
  • Energy and utilization issues


Working with us, you shall have a great opportunity to get big data analytic solutions and broaden your business and knowledge with: sales, products, supply, recommendation prediction and risk analytics; feel safer with risk assessment, protection and damage insurance and more liek have government issues solved with political, bureaucracy analytics and media content sentiment monitoring; have more efficient banking with card fraudulence analytics, loans and investments control solution and operation risk assessments; make your business more productive and your results more predictable with oil, gas and supply analytics.