Cynthia Boxrud MD

Pre-Med Intern
for Ophthalmology 

This internship is to be utilized during a gap year, with the applicant having certain intent on attending medical school. Having already taken your MCAT by Spring 2016 is highly preferred.

As an intern for Dr. Cynthia Boxrud, you will be her assistant throughout the day as she sees patients for ophthalmology and cosmetic facial consultation. You will also have the opportunity to observe surgeries once a week. In addition to the medical aspect, you will also be required to work in an administrative capacity, with basic duties such as answering phones and managing the office schedule. 

You will be working with the electronic health records system NextGen. Quick adaptation to the system will be essential.

This internship will last for one full year, to provide you with experience to go along with your applications into medical school. 

Main Duties:
Collect histories and complaints
Conduct and record basic eye tests
Present patients to the doctor
Assist in minor procedures including injections and excisions
Enter patient encounters into electronic health records
Observe surgery
*You will also be working with Dr. Scott Powell, an orthopedic surgeon, who shares our office. The same duties apply for orthopedics.

Since you will be constantly interacting with patients, you will be expected to be personable with all patients and to treat them with the utmost respect. 

*Dr. Boxrud's Website:
*Dr. Powell's Webste: and


Please send your cover letter, resume, and a link to your LinkedIn profile.