Nicholas & Company

History of Nicholas & Company           

Nicholas & Company, Inc. was founded by Nicholas William Mouskondis in 1939, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Nicholas, a Greek immigrant, realized the opportunity and tremendous possibilities of starting his own business in America.  With one truck and family Team Members, Nicholas built a small business at 400 South 644 East.

In the late 1950s, the business was moved to 613 South 400 West.  Over the next thirty years, the business expanded and included additional Team Members, warehouse space, new trucks, computer systems and more product lines.

In the spring of 1995, Nicholas & Company moved to a new distribution center located at the Salt Lake International Center under the direction of William Nicholas Mouskondis, Nicholas’s youngest son.  With more than 95,000 square feet of dry storage space, 25,000 square feet of cooler space, a 2-million-cubic-foot freezer, and 30,000 square feet of office space, this new state-of-the-art facility assisted Nicholas & Company in becoming a nationally-recognized independent foodservice distributor. 

In the summer of 2006, we completed construction of a new 2.1 million cubic ft. cooler equipped with 6 separate temperature zones to ensure optimal storage conditions for product.  Today, Nicholas & Company has proudly engaged it’s 3rd generation of family leadership under the direction of Peter Mouskondis.  This continuity of leadership ensures the focus and commitment to the Core Values on which the Company was founded.

Nicholas & Company functions as a major distribution link in bringing products to restaurants, foodservice establishments and institutions in the Intermountain area.  Our customers are supplied with fresh meat, seafood, frozen foods, canned goods, cheeses, oils, spices, coffees, disposables, beverages, dairy products, equipment, boxed beef, produce, cleaning products, bakery, fountain supplies, and dispensing systems supported with a complete service department.

Our warehouse receives bulk shipments from major manufacturers and packers daily.  At night, vehicles are loaded and routed for delivery the following day.  The warehouse is in continuous operation seven days a week, while sales executives contact customers directly for next-day deliveries.