Commerce Bank & Trust

  With an emphasis on relationship building, Commerce Bank delivers quality products and services to Massachusetts residents and businesses. There’s a story – surely mythical but nonetheless emblematic of New England’s history and culture – that Native Americans founded the first bank. Its one location was the Atlantic Ocean, its currency – withdrawn and deposited as needs were addressed and as seasons changed – was the simple cod.

In reality, the first bank – the Bank of the United States – was the inspiration of Alexander Hamilton. It was chartered in 1792, more than a century and a half after the Pilgrims planted themselves near Provincetown. Since then, community banks have served the needs of individuals and businesses and helped the nation grow. Today, there are nearly 7,000 banks in communities across the nation, and Worcester is proud to have one of the very best: Commerce Bank.

  What makes Commerce Bank outstanding? Its adherence to the core principles and best practices of local banking: its focus on small-business lending; the priority its officers place on lending within their local area; its reliance primarily on retail deposits for funding; and, perhaps most important, the emphasis its officers and employees place on building relationships and on providing personal service.

From its founding 60 years ago, Commerce Bank has made a mission of providing the residents and businesses of Massachusetts with a bank that put their bottom line first.

In 1993, local entrepreneur David ‘Duddie’ Massad led an investment group that purchased Commerce Bank & Trust Company, which Massad as Chairman and an extraordinarily talented team have grown into a regional bank leader with assets in excess of $2 billion. And through the acquisition of Boston based Mercantile Bank & Trust Company in the spring of 2012, Commerce now has two locations in Boston and one in Brighton, allowing the Bank to serve a wider cross-section of individuals and businesses throughout the region.

  For Massad, creating a successful business wasn’t enough if that success wasn’t also accompanied by a commensurate investment in the city he and the Bank call home. Donations to the renovation of Foley Stadium and to UMASS Memorial Hospital for an emergency and trauma treatment center are just two of many such examples of extraordinary support.

  Commerce Bank’s remarkably generous employees and managers have also extended a hand back to assist the city’s small businesses and its cultural institutions in ways that give freshness and relevance to the expression, “Doing well by doing good.” Employees volunteer hundreds of hours each year to area nonprofits and donated nearly $95,000 to the United Way campaign in 2014.

  But of course, Commerce Bank’s main responsibility is serving the deposit and lending needs of community residents, and it fulfills that responsibility by offering a wide array of lending services, including commercial and residential loans and a comprehensive range of personal and residential mortgage programs. It is a ‘number one’ SBA lender in Massachusetts, and the quality of its programs and services has earned Commerce the “Blue Ribbon” for Exceptional Financial Strength from VERIBANC and a “Five Star Superior Institution” designation from BauerFinancial.

  Commerce Bank is a local business whose mission and culture reflect a tradition of service and commitment to the local community. Commerce and its employees remain firmly anchored in Massachusetts. The community and the Bank have “grown up” together. And together, they’ll keep growing.